Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth

Foods that cause yellow teeth

Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth

Having a sparkling white teeth can add the charm to the personality. White shining teeth can improve your confidence levels and you will not feel embarrassed to smile for a camera shot.

Your teeth can become yellow if the white outer cover or enamel of the teeth is worn out due to acidic foods. This is the reason as we age, our teeth also gets yellow in colour. There is another reason of yellow teeth and that is the utilization of some foods and drinks that immediately stain your teeth.

Here is a list of drinks and foods that cause yellow teeth.

Black Coffee And Tea

Strong and black coffee can stain the teeth. Limit the coffee intake or else keep it less strong by adding more milk to it.

Carbonated And Sports Drink

They are acidic in nature and cause staining of teeth. Apart from this they can also damage the teeth and cause tooth decay. Limit the consumption of carbonated and energy drinks.


These foods are also acidic and can damage the teeth enamel thus causing staining of the teeth. Limit the consumption of these acidic foods.

Tomato And Soy Sauce

They can stain the teeth and cause yellowish colour. If you are fond of sauces, you can eat some vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus before having these sauces. These vegetables form the temporary covering on the teeth thus preventing them from staining.

Grape And Pomegranate Juice

These fruit juices can stain the teeth and you must wash your teeth after drinking such fruit juices. You can also drink these juices using the straw so that the whole teeth are not exposed to the juice.


This is a major part of Indian food and cannot be avoided. You can brush the teeth after having such spicy foods that stain the teeth.


This deep red coloured vegetable can quickly stain the teeth. Beets are one of the healthiest vegetables. You can brush and use a mouth rinse after eating them to prevent yellowing of teeth.

Foods that cause yellow teeth
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