Causes Of Diarrhea during early Pregnancy

Causes of diarrhea during early pregnancy

Causes Of Diarrhea during early Pregnancy

When reliability of the stools is watery, and the occurrence of bowel movements is high then it can be considered as the diarrhea.

When you experience the loose motions during early stages of pregnancy, you might panic more. Health experts say that the loose motion in early stages of pregnancy is common may be due to hormonal actions.

Al though the symptoms of diarrhea may disappear in short span of time, it could be tough to undertake the dehydration & vomiting.

Now, let us discuss about some of the causes of diarrhea during early pregnancy.

Changes In Diet

The moment you understand that you are a pregnant, you might usually make certain changes to the diet. This might also be one of the cause of diarrhea particularly when your system is not ready for the change.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are at their peak during the time of pregnancy and this may be one of the caues of diarrhea during early pregnancy.Once the body gets used to the changes, things may again be usual.

Food Allergies

Food allergies might also cause of diarrhea during early pregnancy. particularly, during the first pregnancy, food allergies are quite common.

Food Poisoning

Consuming infected food substances during early pregnancy can alse cause diarrhea. It is very important to meet doctor immediatey in such cases.

Water Intake

Sometimes, improved water intake can also be the reason for symptoms of diarrhea.

Iron Content

The iron content in the prenatal vitamins might sometimes reason for diarrhea in some women whereas some women report the constipation. Consulting a doctor is essential in such situations.

Some Workouts

Some women who connect in pregnancy workouts might also experience the diarrhea during the initial stage, might be due to intestinal action or inspiration due to the improved  physical activity.

Viral Infections

Pregnancy can make the body susceptible to certain types of the viral infections. When you are infected, diarrhea is common.

Causes of diarrhea during early pregnancy

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