Health risks Of Overeating

Health risks of overeating

Health risks Of Overeating

Do you know that the fact still overeating is considered as one of the disorder? Well, there are certain health risks of overeating. This habit affects the health in various ways.

Al Though we do not understand, certain emotions make us munch more to feel. When you are sad or angry, you may not yet realise that you are overeating.

In this aticle posting, let us discuss about negative effects or health risks of overeating.


Your cholesterol levels might improve along with the blood sugar levels.


This is one of the dangerous effects of overeating. Your risk of suffering from obesity and other related health problems may improve with overeating.

Mouth Odour

Mouth odour is not uncommon in the people who have a propensity to overeat

Organ Failure

Health experts say that the overeating can also reason for the organ malfunctioning. Your stomach, liver and kidneys might undergo stress.

Digestive System

It goes without saying that the digestive system gets affected due to the habit of overeating.

Acidty Problems

Overeating might also result in acidity and this may also improve the chances of acid reflux.

Health risks of overeating

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