Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy?

Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy?

Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, she has to keep a path of what foods she is eating. A pregnant woman becomes very aware as little carelessness can be really harmful for growing foetus. There are some of the good and bad foods for pregnant women. If you are pregnant, elders and experienced women frequently keep advising you on what to do? what to eat ? and what not ?. For example, they suggest that eating nuts and simple pregnancy regular exercises are good for pregnant women.

Although, there are some foods that can be good or bad for pregnant women. For example, many women feel that eating unripe papaya is good during the time of pregnancy. But, a majority of women feel it is a dangerous fruit as papaya causes miscarriage and early labour. Likewise, pineapple has got mixed response from the pregnant women. Want to know if Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy? Find out the real facts….

Causes early labour:

It is frequently advised that the pregnant women should not have too much of pineapple or pineapple juice during the early pregnancy. This is because pineapple fruit contains Bromelian that weakens cervix. This escorts to uterine contractions. If consumed in surplus amounts, pineapple causes the diarrhea. Many women protest that having pineapple causes early labour while there are few women who have had healthy and full 3 trimester pregnancy still after eating pineapple! Might be because bromelian is commonly found in the fresh pineapples. If the fruit is canned or juiced,bromelian gets shattered.


According to an old wives story, eating pineapples can be reason for miscarriage. Protease enzyme bromelain is alike to papain in papayas. As bromelian softens cervix, it can lead to the miscarriage.Pineapples particularly green and unripe ones can persuade the uterine activity and harm a steady pregnancy. Therefore, women should avoid eating this tropical fruit particularly during the early months of the pregnancy.

Other health problems:

Eating to much pineapple can cause the diarrhea and heartburn. The acidic tropical fruit get worseheartburn. Pregnant women frequently suffer from the heartburn and eating pineapples can bedangerous for them. However pineapples are rich in the Vitamin C and also has the digestiveenzymes that are necessary by the body during the pregnancy, it is best to consult the doctor beforeeating this tropical fruit. However many women have the healthy and problem-free pregnancy evenafter eating pineapple throughout the development period, it does not mean the body also can takethe bromelian. To be on the safer side, consult the gynecologist and eat this fruit in moderateamounts. If you are in the 3rd trimester and preparing for the labour, you can eat pineapple (underdoctor’s advice) to persuade labour and make it easy for baby to come out.

Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy?

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