Five natural foods to relieve bloating

five natural foods to relieve bloating

If you are one of those millions of the people who suffer from the flatulence or bloating but feel uncomfortable to talk about it publicly, then go through this post to find some naturally available wonderful foods to beat the bloating. You could have come across some articles that lean-to light on foods not to be consumed by the people suffering from this intestinal gas complication but here are some effective foods that would surely help you out in putting an end to the gas release problem.

foods to reduce bloating

One of the famous doctor says Avoid fresh as well as canned juices as they are high in sugar content and rather choose for coconut water or lemonade. Make the habit to go out for a walk after meals and drink lukewarm water. In this article we have clearly explained you about five natural foods to relieve bloating. Small and often meals are a good option to avoid bloating. Also, home remedies like carom water or ajwain paani or cumin water or jeera paani are best gamble to avoid an acute gas troubles as it enhances the digestive system and cures acidity.

Five Natural foods to relieve bloating or flatulence include:

Black pepper:

The carminative or preventing gas formation properties of black pepper act as a powerful help in relieving colicky pain and stomach discomfort caused by bloating or flatulence. It is the piperine content that is found to stimulate production of hydrochloric acid by an intestine for effective digestion of proteins and carbohydrates by stomach. To prevent the bloating or flatulence, it is suggested that one should add pepper powder to their food.

Ajwain or carom seeds:

Ajwain is one of most ancient natural remedies employed by an Indian households to treat the stomach upsets and indigestion. It is loaded with the chemical called thymol that is found to play the key role in releasing gastric juices by stomach thereby speeding up the digestion process. For immediate relief, boil the few carom seeds in water until it is reduced to ½ . Strain and then drink the liquid.

five natural foods to relieve bloatingFennel seeds:

Fennel iscommonly called as saunf by the Indians, is an excellent home remedy to cure flatulence or bloating with its powerful carminative properties. The best way to enjoy its digestive power is to chew on some seeds after the meal.


Widely used as the flavouring agent, cardamom contains a unpredictable oil that acts as efficiently in relieving the bloating or flatulence. Its digestive properties can be achieved by adding it to vegetables as cooking, chewing few seeds or by drinking cardamom tea, boil few seeds and strain it.


It contains unpredictable oil that has an ability to break and expel intestinal gas, reducing bloating or flatulence and thus, relieving gas trouble. It also helps in digestion of food and reduces the quantity of gas formed. One can either chew a piece of ginger or peeled and washed or make ginger sheer (boil ginger in water and strain) or adding ginger to the vegetables responsible for gas production as preparing helps in avoiding bloating or flatulence.

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