Slicked back hairstyle for men

Slicked back hairstyles for men

Hairstyling for men is an important component of men trying to look good at all times. The slick hairstyle does make them look good and is very popular with even celebrities.
Hairstyles for men are indeed very important as they do impact the overall appearance. Men like women do like to look good and prefer a hairstyle that will enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Slicked back hair continues to be a popular men’s hairstyle. It is a stylish and cool hairstyle. Handsome, beauty of boys does go in for this hairstyle.

What Is Slicked Back Hair?

Slicking back hair happens to be a one way to style a “short sides with long top” hairstyle. It is quite similar to the quiff and pompadour, and one has to apply the product for a sleek, shiny look as it is combed back.

Some guys prefer to add volume or texture to their long slicked hairstyle, while others go in for slicked back hair to sit flat. Short slicked back hair can be rather easy to style as well as maintain, but long hair can offer versatility and styling options.
The slick back dates back to the 1950’s greaser hairstyles but off late has become popular with hipsters and celebrities who brought the haircut back.
The overall look is classy and formal, as well as sexy and cool. Handsome, beauty of boys does prefer to go in for this hairstyle to look attractive.

How To Get Slicked Back Hair?

Types and shapes of faces are it Round, Square, oval, etc. as well as hair types (thick, thin, straight, curly or wavy) do look great with this haircut. Moreover, the slicked back haircut is indeed very versatile and easy.
In case one has curly hair but yet would like to try the slick style, it is necessary to straighten the hair.

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• Begin with towel-dried hair which is yet slightly damp. This will, in fact, ensure the hair is responsive to styling and help the hair product hold.
• Scoop a small amount of pomade and do apply throughout the hair. Using less and add more pomade later. Also, more products will, in fact, create a sleek, shiny look.
• Next, comb the hair back. Start at the top of the forehead and move the comb towards the back of one’s head in one smooth motion.
• For thicker or wavier hair, blow-dry backward as one comb. This will help to give the style more hold.
• Apply hairspray if necessary to control any stray hairs.

Some guys prefer to like to add volume or texture to their long slicked hairstyle, while others prefer their slicked-back hair to remain flat. Short slicked back hair can be rather easy to style and maintain, but long hair can, of course, offer versatility and styling options.

Finally, guys do like a quality comb and hairdryer to style their slicked-back hair. For those with wavy hair, blow-drying your hair with product in it may help the styling process.
Much depends upon how well the hair responds to the product, and therefore one needs a hairspray in order to tame frizzy hairs.

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Here are some popular slick back hairstyles:

• Slick Back Fade

• Slicked Back Undercut

• Modern Slick Back

• High Fade Slick Back

• Low Fade Slick Back

• Long Slicked Back Hair

• Short Slicked Back Hair

Handsome, beauty of boys does go in for slick back hairstyles.
Men and boys do pay much attention to their looks and hairstyle do matter to them in this respect.

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