6 Stylish Haircuts for Men

6 Stylish Haircuts for Men

Hairstyles for men are varied and men can choose one that suits them and thus improve their overall appearance. A haircut can be had at the local barber.

Men also like to look good and a proper haircut does matter. Appearance does matter to them and they need to have a haircut that suits their face profile. Haircut, men’s haircuts, hair cutting style do draw the attention of the average man.

It is interesting to learn about the different haircut names for men in order to ensure a good haircut every time you visit the barbershop. One can seek the advice of the local barber and thus venture upon a haircut of one’s choice.

It is worth knowing more about different haircuts and hairstyles for men, including low and high fades, undercuts, pompadours, comb overs, and faux hawks. Styles of haircut vary and much information can be had about these hairstyles. Haircut, men’s haircuts, hair cutting style need to be observed for a decent hairstyle.

Types of Haircuts:

There are several types of haircuts for men to choose from and they need to acquire adequate information about them. After all, the hairstyle does matter and looking good all the more for men as well. Some research needs to be done on this front.

Fade and Taper:

Often interchangeable with the term “taper”, a fade simply does imply that one wants the hair on the side of one’s head to gradually get shorter from top to bottom. The process of fading from one length to another is generally well achieved making use of hair clippers. Because the fade comes in a variety of styles, it is also essential to tell the barber the type of fade haircut that is required.

I am necessary to keep in mind where the fade begins. One can request the barber to give you a low, mid or high fade. Haircut, men’s haircuts, hair cutting style are worth looking into.

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The undercut hairstyle is no doubt a very popular modern haircut where the sides and back are clipped short or shaved. The undercut is not really all that faded and the hair on top is left much longer. The hair on top can then rather be styled in a number of ways, such as combed over, swept to the side, slicked back, brushed up, or made into a pompadour or a quiff. Ultimately, the undercut is one of the coolest “short on the sides”.


The pompadour is a type of undercut hairstyle that does continue to have short sides as well as a long top. However, the pompadour is unique as it happens to be a large volume of hair that is swept upwards in the front to create a “pomp”.
The hair just above the forehead is the highest point and gradually falls towards the back of the head.


The quiff is quite similar in style to the pompadour, but instead of the hair brushing back, in the case of the quiff styles the hair forward. Typically coupled with a fade on the sides, the quiff haircut is indeed very versatile and can be left messy if desired.

Faux Hawk:

The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk, is acknowledged as a trendy favorite for guys who really desire to have a style that provides them with a unique look.


The textured fringe style has indeed become very popular. Haircut, men’s haircuts, hair cutting style are indeed very fascinating and these styles are preferred by menfolk who are conscious about their overall appearance.

Men are also like women conscious about their hairstyles and like to have one that suits their facial features. They would like to acquire sufficient information about various styles so that they could choose one that suits them.

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