Causes and home remedies for psoriasis

Causes and home remedies for psoriasis

The chapped skin and red patches anywhere on the body, particularly knees & elbows could be psoriasis. Various factors such as environment, genetics & the immune system are capable of triggering this situation. Though it is difficult to treat, several home remedies allow relief from scaly & itchy skin. Some home treatment for psoriasis to tackle the condition.  Read about home remedies for psoriasis.

What causes psoriasis

The cause of psoriasis has not fully known, but it is believed to relate to an immune system problem with cells in the body. More especially, one primary cell is the type of white blood cell called a T lymphocyte or T cell. Usually, T cells travel the complete body to detect & work off exotic substances, such as viruses or bacteria. If you have the psoriasis, though, the T cells attack healthy skin cells by mistake, as if to heal the wound or to fight an infection.

Psoriasis triggers

Psoriasis typically begins or worsens as of a trigger that you would be able to recognize & avoid. Factors that can trigger psoriasis include:

  • Infections, such as skin infections or strep throat
  • Injuries to a skin, such as the cut or scrape, bug bite, or a rigid
  • sunburn
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Cold weather
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Certain medications — incorporating lithium, which has directed for bipolar disorder; high blood pressure medications such as antimalarial drugs; beta-blockers; and iodides.

Home remedy for psoriasis treatment

Oatmeal bath:

Oats are one of the nature’s elegant skin soothers. Oatmeal is the rich source of vitamins & minerals that are excellent for nourishing & healing damaged skin. It is also an efficient way to relieve itching, redness & irritation

Dead Sea Salts:

Combine Dead Sea salts to the lukewarm water & bathe with that water. One can also make the foot or hand soak with the dead sea salts. It aids to remove scales & relieves itching. Do not forget to use moisturiser once when are done with the bath.

Causes and home remedies for psoriasis
Causes and home remedies for psoriasis

Eat right:

Plan the weekly diet; pick the handful of fruits & veggies of every colour. It will assure that the body gets a good combination of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are required to heal the cracked skin & prevent future flare-ups.

Banana peel:

Banana peel will soothe the skin and ease rashes. Rub the inner area of the surface of the skin on the sores.

Use all-natural products:

Avoid eating processed foods & use the products that do not have any artificial dyes & aromas. Review for ‘for sensitive skin’ label during buying any skin care products & do not forget to read an entire label before using the product.

Baking Soda and water:

Mix one tbsp of baking soda & four tsp of water. Employ this with cotton or cloth to the afflicted area. Leave it on until it dries & falls off.

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The above are the Causes and home remedies for psoriasis

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