Five wonderful health benefits of oats

health benefits of oats

Most of the people know that oats are very healthy for them. When consumed on regular basis, oats can help to prevent a range of complaint. Read more about health benefits of oats.

Health benefits of oats

They contain wide range of nutrients like fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, etc. which makes them top the charts as far as healthy food is concerned. Here are some of health benefits of consuming oats regularly.

Prevents the cardiovascular disease

Five wonderful health benefits of oatsEating oatmeal can lower the cholesterol levels as it is made up of dietary a fibre that helps to reduce the bad cholesterol without lowering the good one. Comsuming a cup of oats every day with high-fibre, low-fat diet can do speculates in preventing the heart disease. According to new research,the anti – oxidants present in oats lowers the ability of the blood cells to stick to the insides of artery walls and thus reduce cholesterol.

Five wonderful health benefits of oats

Prevents the constipation

Oats are rich source of fibre, both soluble and insoluble ones. These helps in regulating the bowel movements and prevent the constipation. They are also good option for people who want to lose the weight as the fibres make feel full for longer and end up eating less. Children who eat bowl of oatmeal regularly are less likely to be obese & overweight.

Controls the blood sugar levels

Diabetics should eat oats regularly as oat contain beta glucan delays the fall in the blood sugar levels before meals and slows the rise after meal. This means, there are not major changes in its level and the diabetes is better controlled.

Reduces the cancer risk

Oats contain composite called ‘lignin’ which helps to reduce chances of hormone related cancers like prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer. Eating oats is therefore a good for both men & women. According to research, women who have higher intake of fibre have lower levels of circulating oestrogen and are at lesser risk of breast cancer.

Reduces the hypertension

If a person suffering from high blood pressure, daily dose of oats will help to reduce it along with an other complications that it can lead to. Hypertension is becoming a common these days with still youngsters suffering from it due to stress & lifestyle changes. Eating oats can help to combat this issue.

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Five wonderful health benefits of oats

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