7 Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for men

7 Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for men

Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for men. A spiky haircut is very popular with men. They do have several hairstyles of this kind and many go in for such spiked hairstyles. Trendy spiked hairstyles do look attractive.
Spiky hair has long been in fashion as far as men are concerned. Men have much preferred this hairstyle. It is ideal for almost any hair texture, the spiky hairstyles of today are soft, stylish and quickly achievable on account of modern grooming techniques and products. A spiky stylish look is no doubt much in vogue. In other words, spiky haircuts, spiky hairstyles for men have been part of grooming for men hairstyles.

1. Spiky Hair Fade:

The fade has indeed been one of the most significant men’s hair trends in recent years. Go for a smooth fade on the sides and use the volumizing powder in one’s roots. Then, do add a small amount of wax and use one’s fingers to pull out a few textured spikes on top.

2. Tapered Spiky Quiff:

This sharp version of the quiff does provide a much need update to the classic style. If one’s hair is tapered on top, this is a seriously simple style to achieve. Making use of some quilty wax, just pull the longer pieces upward and then run the remainder through the shorter parts also in an upward motion.
This is also a poplar spiky haircut, spiky hairstyles for men.

3. Spiky Fine Hair:

In case a person has thin hair, keep the proportions of the cut a little longer on both sides as well as on the top. Doing so will make it appear thicker overall. To style, do use as little wax as one can and push all the hair forward rather than straight up, to create more volume upfront. Then, lightly mist the hair with strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

7 Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for men

4. Spiky Thick Hair:

Spiky hair can also require a decent amount of product in case the locks are thick. On dry hair, use strong wax to create a tall quiff with defined peaks. The resulting look will indeed appear youthful and on-trend. You can also read Simple hairstyles for men.

5. Asian Spiky Hair:

Asians are known for not just having gorgeous, thick as well as robust hair but also, pioneering many stylish hairstyles. To achieve an Asian-inspired soft spike, towel-dry the hair and tease small sections of hair into place using wax or clay. Only use a small amount of product to create the soft spiky peaks for a relaxed, bedhead look.

6. Short Spiky Hair:

Short spiky hair is indeed one of those looks that never really go out of fashion. The sides need to be kept short and neat with a slightly longer spiked look on top. Use the minimal product on towel-dried hair.

7. Long Spiky Hair:

This has much to do with texture when it comes to creating spiked looks for long hair. In case a person has thick locks, try rocking a messy style by roughly creating spikes with some pomade with the help of hands. In case of thin hair, be sure to wash it with a volumizing shampoo before blow-drying to add height and using a styling product to define the spikes.
It is obvious men do go in for a spiky haircut, spiky hairstyles for men.

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