5 Simple hair styles for men

5 Simple hair styles for men

Men do like simple hairstyles as well as they feel they look good in them as well. Men also are conscious of their looks and go in for attractive hairstyles.

It is indeed interesting to look at the best new hairstyles for men in 2019. Many of the cool, trendy men’s hairstyles of earlier years are indeed quite likely to carry over to the new year, thus meaning that the most popular haircuts are indeed quite likely to continue to be fades, undercuts, pompadours, comb overs, quiffs, slick backs, and even man buns or top knots, in case one can really manage to look good. Simple hairstyles for men are quite popular these days as well.
More specifically, expect a lot of “short sides, long top” hairstyles which combine a low or high fade with texturized hair on top. The perfect example would be the disconnected undercut, modern pompadour, slick back fade or cropped hair, all of which are included below. However, be on the lookout for longer styles that are worn textured and loose.

5 Simple hair styles for men
Looking around the fashion industry, here are the latest and most popular new hairstyles for guys in 2019. Simple hairstyles for men are also. Simple hairstyles for men quite popular.

1. Low Fade with Long Fringe

Longer styles have indeed been a popular trend this year. This thick and textured fringe on top is coupled with a low taper fade on the sides for a stylish look. And with just enough length on top to let one’s hair become wavy, one can go in for cool men’s haircut for young guys.

2. High Fade with Fohawk and Design

There are of course endless variations of hair designs, but this particular one is paired with an awesome fade haircut. What makes the fade so cool is how versatile yet low maintenance it is. Whether one can pick a high, mid, low, bald, or taper on the sides, a fade works well with any modern short cut for men.

3. High Fade with Loose Pompadour

Getting the pompadour haircut is also rather easy and does require only a good pair of clippers and 3 to 5 inches of hair on top. For the sides, guys can try to get a fade or undercut. Styling the pomp will rather require a quality pomade or wax, thus allowing a person to add height and style. This pompadour does incorporate a clean skin faded undercut and a full beard.

4. High Fade with Hard Part and Quiff

To get the quiff, it is indeed necessary to require at least 3 inches of hair on top of one’s head. The sides will then be buzzed into a taper fade – how short it is up to you. Guys do have the option of a high, low, mid, or skin fade. For an extreme look, it is possible to go in for a very short clipper setting that will create a lot of contrast, while those wanting a classic look can choose a gentler taper.

5. Long Messy Hair with Low Fade

This fresh low bald fade cum lineup does balance the messy, textured hairstyle up top. By focusing on a small amount of pomade into the hair, guys can create a natural look that stays in place all day.
Simple hairstyles for men are also liked.

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