10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves

10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves
10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves

Preferably, a paan is made by wrapping the areca nut, slaked lime and tobacco in betel leaf.Here are 10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves

As everyone knows that tobacco and areca nuts are known to cause cancer, chewing paan, which is mixed with them should be kept away. But the betel leaf has many medicinal benefits and has been comprehensively used in Ayurveda.

10 Health benefits of betel leaves:

Improves digestion:

Chewing betel leaves takes a lot of effort and works the salivary gland. It stimulates the discharge of saliva, which is the first step of digestion, as various enzymes in betel leaves break down food into particles, hence making it easy to digest.

Increases Hunger:

Decreased hunger is also an outcome of an upset stomach. Normal PH levels activate the hunger hormone to get concealed in optimal amounts. Betel leaf is highly able of restoring the normal PH levels of the stomach by blushing out all the toxins or unhealthy substances. Although, it improves appetite and promotes health.

Antiseptic Benefits:

Betel leaf is a wonderful antiseptic as well. It is rich in polyphenols, particularly chavicol. Therefore, it offers dual protection from germs. Being a good antiseptic, it can be applied on cuts to kill germs. And since it is loaded with polyphenols, it is used for treating inflammation such as arthritis and orchitis. Local application of betel leaf acts a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent.

10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leavesAntifungal Benefits:

Betel leaf is also an astonishing anti-fungal remedy. Fungal infections commonly occur on damp body parts. Therefore, betel leaf makes an astonishing natural remedy that prevents fungal infections naturally.

Relief From Back Pain And Muscular Tensions:

Betel leaf is an excellent solution for people suffering from the lower back pain or a backache. A hot bandage of betel leaves or juice mixed with refined coconut oil applied on the loins gives excellent relief. Massaging the lower back with betel leaf oil and a carrier oil helps to ease the pain. It also provides relief from muscular tension pains, redness, and swelling.

Treats Water Retention And Urination:

Betel leaf is a good diuretic. Crush a betel leaf and extract its juice, mix it with a little-diluted milk and drink it. This helps to treat water retention in the body. It also helps in easing urination for people suffering from scanty or obstructed urination.

Heals Wounds And Infection:

Betel leaves medicinal properties includes healing of wounds and infection. Crush a few leaves, extract the juice, and apply it on the wound or infection. Then put a betel leaf over it and wrap it with a bandage. The wound will heal within two days as it prevents the growth of destructive microbes.

Stops Earache:

Earaches can be irritating and painful. The betel leaf juice or oil is a good remedy for this problem. Mix betel leaf juice or oil and coconut oil and put two drops in the ear. You will find instant relief.

Vaginal Hygiene:

For women suffering from vaginal itching and vaginal discharge, betel leaf is a good home remedy. The betel leaves are boiled and are used as a genital wash. In some countries, it is widely used by women after giving birth as it causes genital shrinkage.

Prevents Body Odour:

The betel leaf helps to prevent body odour. You can add the juice of betel leaf or oil in your bath water to remain fresh the whole day. You can also drink a concoction made of few betel leaves soaked in boiled water, with a spoon of white sugar added to it. It prevents the unpleasant smell of perspiration and menstruation.

10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves

Prevents from carcinogenesis in the oral cavity:

Chewing betel leaves has also shown to prevent oral cancer by maintaining the levels of ascorbic acid. In the saliva Ascorbic acidly is excellent in antioxidants, which helps to reduce the free radicals in the body, hence preventing cancer.

Helps in maintaining good oral hygiene:

Betel leaves have various composites which have bacterial effects that help in destroying bacteria which causes bad breath in the mouth. Also, various spices like cloves, cardamom, and fennel. Etc. When these wrapped in betel nut to make paan, composes an excellent mouth freshener.

Treats gastric ulcers:

betel leaves are known to have gastroprotective activity. This helps in preventing gastric ulcers.

Treatment of Lump:

Betel leaves are the major component in various Ayurvedic medicines used in treating lump. These medicines are known not to leave any marking and remove the lump completely without reappearance.

Cures bubble:

They are widely used in Ayurvedic medicines for treating bubbles. Betel leaves are heated till slightly softer and covered with a castor oil and placed over the bubble. This treatment is known to rupture the bubble and ditch it.

10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves
10 Health benefits of chewing Betel leaves

Treats diabetes:

Mines of betel leaves are helping to control blood sugar levels and have a useful antidiabetic property.

Treats a cough:

Betel leaves mines mixed with honey are used to relieve from a cough and helps in removing phlegm from the chest.

Relieves a headache:

Betel leaves are rich in analgesic properties and thus applying it on the affected area helps to effectively reduce a headache.

Heals wounds:

betel leaves juice helps to reduce injury when applied on it and bandaged with betel leaves helps to heal wounds within two days.

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