Old Methods of Determining Baby’s Gender

Old Methods of Determining Baby's Gender

Ascertaining the sex of a child is not right due to many potential reasons in our countries. Though, mothers have the enthusiasm to know either they are carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. Every pregnant woman requires to know the gender of her child out of concern. There are many old-wives stories to ascertain the sex of a child, and amazingly they come out to be true. It would be a fun project to do at home by these simplistic little ways to find out the baby’s gender if you are an expectant mother. Since you can not medically check the sex of the baby, as this is not allowed in our countries, you have to rely on these old ways of knowing whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Try these funny & old ways, if you are curious sufficient to know the gender of your baby. It can be a fun activity for you to do and would surely make to laugh. They can turn out to be real in some cases. Read the article to know the gender of the new guest, either boy or girl, so that one can start with little arrangements for welcoming the small one. Have a look at the old methods of determining the sex of your baby.

9 Ways To Determine An Unborn Baby’s Gender

The Shettles Interpretation Method

According to this way, if you want to have a baby boy then you should try to conceive as close as desirable to the ovulation period. If you want a little girl, then you must try to imagine 2 to 4 days before you start ovulating.

Danish Method

According to the Danish opinion, if the father gains weight during the wife’s pregnancy then it is a baby girl. Amazingly this tale was proven to be true in an earlier days. Read more 10 ways your body changes after pregnancy

European Method

According to old-fashioned European trends of the 15th century, one could determine the child’s sex by just walking. If you step with the right foot first, then it was thought that you have the baby boy, & if you walk with the left one, then it was believed to be a little girl. Read on Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

Early Gender Prediction Methods

Salt Test

According to this test, spray some salt on the pregnant woman’s head. Pay attention & listen precisely to what she speaks when she wakes up. If she tells a male name, then it is a boy. Unless, it is a girl.

Old Methods of Determining Baby's GenderMother’s Craving

It has thought in olden days that if a mother was desiring sweets such as candy, cakes, chocolates, etc., she was said to be expecting a baby girl. If the mother wishes for salty foods or sour foods, then it was said to be a baby boy. It is one of the old methods of determining a baby’s gender. Read more about Foods To Increase Immunity During Pregnancy

Bump Shape Method

According to the old wives’ tale, if a mother is carrying a lower crack then she’s anticipating a boy, and if it is a higher bump, then she has a girl child. It is another old methods of determining baby’s gender whether it is a little girl or boy. Read on Home Remedies for Cold and Cough during Pregnancy

Golden Ring Method

According to this process, keep the golden ring on a pregnant woman’s stomach. If the ring turns from side to side, then she has the boy & if the ring swings in a circle, then she has the girl.

Morning Sickness Method

This idea says that if you are having morning sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy, then you are having the girl baby. If you notice the sickness after the first three months, then you are having a boy baby. Read more Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

Inspiration Method

According to this method, 71 % of pregnant women can guess correctly about their baby’s gender, without any previous knowledge about their baby’s sex.

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