10 ways your body changes after pregnancy

10 ways your body changes after pregnancy

Once the women get pregnant, the body is not going to be the same ever again. Though, most women find it tough to deal with the changes that follow. Many feel caught in a new body which looks unappealing. Though, most of the changes go continuously after the first 6 to 8 weeks; some of the changes stay forever. Here is the 10 way your body changes after the delivery that no one should tell: Read about 10 ways your body changes after pregnancy.

Weird ways your body changes after pregnancy

 Your shoe size changes:

Pregnancy provoked edema is the common woe that takes a toll on your feet & sometimes on the hands. Edema during pregnancy is the result of extreme fluid retention & lack of movement of the limbs. Post pregnancy, while most of this fluid would excrete, the feet might not get back to the previous size. In some cases, it remains protruded forever. Worse, if you produced spider veins or varicose veins during pregnancy, it can stay put too. Here are the Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

 You lose hair in lumps:

Post pregnancy hair loss or alopecia can at times be disturbing with chunks of hair clogging the bathroom drains and covering your hairbrush thoroughly. Be prepared to lose your precious, shiny strands as hormonal changes will be on overdrive. While pregnancy, when estrogen levels were high, it stopped hair loss but postpartum if the levels fall, hair loss becomes necessary. Lack of proper nutrition can exacerbate the problem further.

Your belly regrets to behave:

That baby-bump that looked so cute during the pregnancy regrets to push post delivery. But this is common; apparently, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks for the uterus to get back to its pre-pregnancy state. Though, for some, the belly might still keep swelling out even months (or years) after the delivery. Two things decide the fate of the stomach postpartum: first, exercise & correct eating habits during the pregnancy, which plays a significant role in helping the body bounce back & second, postpartum care that contributes to tone the core muscles & shed extra weight. If you have been oblivious of both the accounts, you should not be blaming the body for the same. Also, the belly size post-pregnancy depends on either you have undergone a cesarean or normal delivery. Read more on Causes Of Diarrhea during Early Pregnancy

10 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes No One Tells You About

Your cup size changes:

During pregnancy, your breasts might grow by one cup size as they gear up for lactation & breastfeeding. Though, this size might change again. Also, the breast can become saggy, droopy, & wrinkly post the breastfeeding days. But breastfeeding isn’t to be blamed for this; it is the hormonal alterations during pregnancy that do the damage, claim experts. You might like to read on Top 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Your face changes permanently:

For some women mask of the pregnancy, the dark spots that appear on the face & had assumed to disappear within weeks, stay persistently in place. It could become the permanent facial feature. Though, it can be changed with topical creams & treatments.

How Does Childbirth Change Your Body?

Your stretch marks never go away:

Post delivery stretch marks will scar your tummy, and they are going to be with you ever. With time, the marks disappear, but they nevermore leave the area smooth like before. Read on Are pineapples good or bad during pregnancy?

 You live with your marks:

Particularly if you had a C-section. The mark though small & almost invisible will be a gentle reminder of your labor & birth.

10 ways your body changes after pregnancyYou are annoying down there:

No, we are not talking about the bloody vaginal discharge that you would suffer post-delivery, but the subtle changes that follow childbirth. To begin, the vagina might be sore and strained after the strains of standard delivery. If you had an episiotomy, it would be even more painful. Moreover, in some cases, the vagina can become scorched (particularly if you are breastfeeding) this could also point to infections and lack of lubrication during sex. Here is how to get sex back into life after having your baby. Here are few Home Remedies for Cold and Cough during Pregnancy

 Your bladder behaves separately:

During the delivery, the muscles of the lower abdomen, pelvic floor, and also the uterus is on an overdrive to help eject the baby out of the womb. Though, they lose some of their elasticity while performing this action. These are the same muscles that assist in keeping the urethra closed so that there is no urine leakage. Therefore, after pregnancy, urinary indulgence could be an added problem to deal.

You might experience night sweats:

It is not a permanent change, but you can suffer from it for a long time. It is a way of expelling the excess water held in your body. Also, the energy levels could touch an all-time low and make you inactive and fatigued. Thankfully this symptom does not last permanently. You may like to read Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

The above mentioned are a few ways your body changes after pregnancy that no will tell you about. If you know more than these changes feel free to share with us.

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