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Castor Oil for Treating Dandruff

In the morning while combing your hair you see white flakes falling over your shoulder, and shriek in disbelief! You hope with your fingers crossed that you can simply wish it away! And, you try just that! Despite, a quick shampoo session the odds are that the dandruff remains! Though, it is difficult to wash away dandruff completely, it is not impossible. With the right approach, you can clear your scalp from dandruff once and for all. Know to read about Castor Oil for Treating Dandruff.

Castor oil for dandruff

Being natural has always been in trends. So before having hands on chemical loaded shampoos and conditioner, get ready to try some natural remedies. There are umpteen tried and tested remedies that are said to work wonders in combating with dandruff! But, which is the one that works best, you wonder! Though almond, olive and jojoba oil are some of the best ways to cure dandruff, nothing can beat castor oil. Among all home remedies, castor oil holds a reputable position in curing dandruff. To know why, simply read on!

Castor oil for treating dandruff

How to Treat Dandruff with Castor Oil

Castor Oil – a Brief Introduction

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds of castor oil plant. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid which has a distinct taste and odour. This oil has been in discussion since ages for its uncountable uses. Replete with nutrients, this colorless liquid has a well-known reputation for healing. Its uses are extended from inducing labour to treating a number of skin and hair maladies like dandruff and other scalp infections.

Though castor oil doesn’t have an impressive look, but it is unique in its own sense owing to the significant amount of fatty acids it contains. Almost 90% of the fat present in this vegetable oil is formed of Ricinoleic acid, imparting the oil a therapeutic touch against dandruff and myriad of scalp problems.

Understanding Dandruff

Dandruff is nothing but flakes of dry skin on the scalp. It is most commonly associated with dry scalp and can affect people of all age groups. Irritation, itching and redness are commonly found associated with dandruff. It is known to be caused due to a fungus attack known as Malassezia that feeds on Fats. Leading o social embarrassment, it is important to get rid of these dead skin flakes as soon as possible and the best approach to do is going natural.

How Castor Oil Works For Dandruff

• Ricinoleic acid, which is the major constituent of castor oil is loaded with anti-microbial, fungicidal and germicidal properties. It is these properties that make the oil effective in killing the microbes that cause dandruff.
• It acts as excellent humectant and hence helps in locking in moisture in the scalp. This moisturising property is attributed to omega-9 fatty acids and helps in fighting dandruff effectively.

Tips to Use Castor Oil for Dandruff

Castor oil can be used over the scalp directly or applied after mixing with jojoba or olive oil for intensified benefits. To get best results, apply the warm oil over the scalp and massage with it. It leads to improved blood flow and works towards improving hair growth and curing dandruff. You can either leave it in your hair for overnight or apply it about 20 minutes prior to a hair wash. It works wonderfully in well in reducing dandruff. The other way to harness benefits of this oil is to add a small amount of it to your hair conditioner.

Though castor oil is sticky and many may find it pungent, it is a sure shot way to remedy dandruff. With regular use, you will not just see remarkable improvement in your scalp health, but will also find your tresses softer and more manageable. Try it today!

The above are the details about Castor oil for treating dandruff

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