Beauty Benefits of Using Bitter Gourd For Hair Care

Benefits of Using Bitter Gourd For Hair Care

Make use of different products for each hair problem has become a ritual for all of us. It is frustrating to know how much we spend on hair products that do not heal. At the end of the day, we all wish if there is only a hair product or a cure that could free us from any problems. Read more about Beauty Benefits of Using Bitter Gourd For Hair Care

Well, there is an unusual but effective solution that could be the answer to all your hair problems. Bitter gourd is an important component in the kitchen, but not many know that it has natural properties to treat hair problems.

Bitter gourd is effective in solving the problem of graying premature hair, split ends, dandruff, dry scalp and other similar problems. The bitter gourd juice can be used directly on the scalp without worrying about side effects. It’s completely natural.

1. Bitter Gourd for spilt ends

If you are careless with your hair and have a hectic routine on the outside, then there is a greater chance of reversed tips. It happens with most people. The hair is unkempt and unattractive. Cutting your tips upside down is not the answer.

Instead of being aware that there are certain home remedies that are very effective. Have a look on the example of bitter gourd juice. It acts perfectly for overturned ends. Apply the juice evenly and massage the scalp. Repeat twice a week for best results.

2. Bitter gourd for dandruff

There are many causes for the appearance of dandruff. Inadequate care, pollution, and unhealthy living are the main causes. A package of hair prepared from bitter gourd juice is ideal for curing your dandruff problem. Mix the juice with the cumin seed paste. Apply the mixture evenly spread over your hair. Let it dry for a few minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Repeating this procedure for two or three times a week will help control the dandruff problem.

3. Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a contributor itchy scalp problems and so on. So deal with karela as follows; Cut a karela into pieces and massage it into your scalp in circular motion. Rinse with normal water.

Benefits of Using Bitter Gourd For Hair Care4. Scalp pimples

Some people suffer from scalp pimples and its associated pains. He needs a solution to heal the roots, it’s like a mixture of karela and cucumber. Mix and apply on your scalp, it cools your scalp and controls excess sweat and possibly reduces a button.

5. Bitter gourd for hair loss

Many women share this problem of acute hair loss. This is contributed by many factors like unhealthy diet and lifestyle and pollution. If you think you have tried all the remedies, then you need to think again. The bitter gourd juice is effective for the problem of hair loss. Apply on the scalp mixed with sugar really works. Massage well and let dry. Rinse your hair as usual. This helps to get rid of your hair loss problem forever.

6. Pre-Gray Hair

Another hair problem that makes you look old is gray hair. To solve the problem of premature graying karela can help you. Triturate and extract the thick juice of karela, apply it on the gray hair strands and allow to dry for an hour or two. Rinse and let the hair dry naturally without rubbing with a towel. Repeat this step after 10 days to reduce Premature graying of  hair.

7. Super shiny hair

There are so many products on the market to help your hair shine, but there is something in your own backyard that can outmatch any other artificial product! Yes, Karela can give you that glossy luster when used with curd. Just extract the Karela juice by grinding it, add it to half a cup of curd and apply it on your hair. Soak for 30 to 40 minutes then rinse with normal water. Woo, you’re done!

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