Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles for long hair

Here are surprisingly easy yet attractive and fashionable hairstyles for the girl who wanted to look stylish with the modern touch. Below explained regarding  Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Hair Knot Cute Hairstyle

This type of trending hairstyle looks fashionable, modern and bold. This hairstyle is ideal for the women who choose to dress conservatively but with the modern vibe. It would look beautiful on all black outfit. It is messy but high fashion & takes only two minutes to put together.

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for Girls

2. Half up French Braid

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsFrench braids are a very excellent idea to add some cuteness to the hair. They are easy & fast to do and will help cover your roots if they are showing. It is a fabulous look for a festival.

3. Pretty Bow Bun

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsApparently, the cutest & most feminine hairstyle highlighted in this list, the Pretty Bow Bun is of those days when you feel unique girly. Tease your hair or use hair spray if you want a longer hold.

4. Hair Bow

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsAnother change on the bow, doing with the calf hair. This bow hairstyle is very cute but is also sufficient to be worn at the office: it will combine a touch of cuteness to the work clothes or formal wear.

5. Soft Bouncy Curls

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsLong hair can be very hard to handle, to make it simpler by having this look in the arsenal. Long and sleek waves look gorgeous and beautiful for any woman with the long hairstyle. While this hairstyle is perfect for all occasion, these waves will be better for a lady with thick or rough hair. The sound of waves is that they resemble natural on any woman but always look beautiful and polished. Additionally, this look can achieve immediately by the person with some level of experience.

6. Pinned Hair

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsPinned hair is also one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair. This style looks very sophisticated but only takes a little bit more time to finish. Start by parting your hair into six parts. First, pull back the front two sections & cross with the back before pinning. Then serve your way down. This looks can be as simple or as embellished as you like — the method is how you roll your hair once it’s up. Of the smoothest style, be sure to straighten the hair beforehand and make certain to use pins that match the hair color. It will impress all of your friends.

7. Messy Volume Pony Hairstyle

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsThe amount of hair should be more for this ponytail. Teasing & draping sections of the hair before they have joined to the hair tie give extra dimension & depth to the style. This look is fabulous for women who have their first hairstyles for long hair as it’s infinitely customizable. Sections can braid, curled, or pinned to before being grabbed by the hair tie. This ponytail winter hairstyle is perfect for the long days where you would not have time to restyle the hair.

8. Stacked Bubble Braid

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsThis hairstyle is one to join our growing list of Stacked Braids. Only take a three strand braid and combine or stack it on the bubble ponytail. You love how the stacked braid can make an everyday hairstyle to a creative wow and fabulous hairstyle.

9. Side Dutch Braid for Girls

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsIt is the best time to include super long, carefree hair before jobs, kids & term papers go in the way. On days when you are in mid washes or only want to pull your hair back in a stylish way, aside Dutch braid is simple & easy

10. Cute Floral Crown

Top 10 DIY Easy Hairstyles for GirlsIf you want a dirty style for long hair for the next school dance or special event, this is the worthy choice. A regal power crown can seem the bit charred for semi-formal events, so combine few small buds for the whimsical touch.

Try all the above-mentioned hairstyles and you can do it within ten seconds, enjoy with full complements as all these hairstyles match with your formal wear.

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