How to Lose Weight in your Face


A chiseled jawline is one of the most striking features on a person, on the flip side, a double chin too is as striking a feature. Losing double chin and giving your face a more chiseled look is not a very hard thing to do and is far from an unsolvable problem. The only thing that you need is a combination of exercise and dietary change. So here is a guide on how to lose weight in your face easily and effectively: Know about How to Lose Weight in your Face

How to Reduce Double Chin

1. Exercise:

Double chin and a puffy face are usually correlated to weight problems. Doing mild cardio will help you to lose weight and will also complement the benefits of facial exercises. One of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce fat in your face is to chew bubble gum. Another very effective facial exercise is to puff your mouth with air and move the air from side to side for about 10 seconds, and then slowly release the air while making a whistling sound, repeat this 10-15 times a day.

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How to Lose Weight in your Face

2. Chin lifts and rolling your neck:

If you have a double chin then the kind of exercise that you have to do is a little different, and while the exercise mentioned above will help you to weight in your face, it does little to reduce double chin. TO reduce double chin, you have to specifically target the chin area for exercise. This can be done by standing straight and looking towards the ceiling while making an exaggerated kissing pose, hold this pose for about 10 seconds and repeat the same 15-20 times. Another exercise that targets the neck and chin area is rolling your neck from side to side so that the chin is parallel to your shoulder, repeat the same about 15-20 times. These two simple exercises will burn the fat in your chin region.

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3. Reduce carb intake:

Carbohydrates get deposited in your body in regions like face and stomach. High carb intake also messes with the insulin production, which in turn makes it more difficult to digest the sugar in the body leading to weight gain. Try to shift to a more protein and minerals based diet, this will not only help you to get rid of the fat but will also make all your exercises doubly effective along with having many other health benefits. Sugary drinks are to be avoided especially if you want a slimmer face.

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4. Avoid Alcohol and cigarettes:

It is well known that alcohol causes the face to bloat. This is due to alcohol increasing the bold supply to the face, which in turn bloats the face making it fatter. Cigarettes reduce the elasticity of the skin, making it age faster; this could lead to an appearance of double chin due to the skin having a saggy appearance. Avoiding or minimizing cigarette and alcohol consumption will not only help in reducing weight in the face but will also have many other health benefits.

The above are the tips How to Lose Weight in your Face.

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