10 Tasty Carbs That Will not Make You Fat

10 Tasty Carbs That Will not Make You Fat

In this article, we explained clearly about 10 tasty carbs that will not make You fat.


Some popular diets recommend limiting the fruit because of its relatively high concentrations of sugar compared to the other foods. Though you can continue to the lose weight even as eating fruit, so long as you do not pig out on it. Fructose, the sugar in fruit, is bad for you not because it raises the blood sugar, but because it is converted to fat in the liver. Although the relatively small amounts of fructose present in the whole fruit is nothing to worry about.


Although beans are relatively rich in carbs, a considerable portion of it is fiber and an overall glycemic load is pretty low. Beans are also an excellent source of the iron, protein and folate, as well as essential minerals.


10 Tasty Carbs That Will not Make You FatOatmeal is difficult because Quaker and other companies have somehow convinced us that the cooking real oats is too hard and time consuming for any cultured human being. This conveniently allows them to mark up prices on their immediate, pre-sweetened varieties that are closer to dessert than they are to the healthy breakfast. But in reality real rolled oats are the low calorie, high fiber, and not fattening in least. They also cook up in minutes.


Have you ever checked the label of plain yogurt and wondered how all that sugar got in there? No you are not crazy, it is just that the FDA nutrition labels do not distinguish between added sugar sucrose or fructose and naturally occurring sugars like lactose, the sugar in milk. In reasonable quantities and without an added sugars read labels carefully, unsweetened dairy products will not usually contribute to fat gathering.


Like beans, lentils are full of fiber and digest slowly. If anything, adding lentils to the diet will likely help you to lose weight, not make you gain it.


One of my favorite foods, farro is the dense and chewy grain with the thick skin and rich flavor. however it is a grain, farro is very filling and a little goes a long way. No need to spike the blood sugar with this stuff.


Though people frequently quote wine and alcohol as having the lot of calories, the body digests alcohol calories different than sugar calories and they have virtually no impact on the glycemic response. Though there are many reasons to keep the wine portions under control, sharing the occasional bottle would not stop you from losing the weight.


Technically a seed and not the grain, quinoa keen-wah is a good source of protein and fiber, and has the very low glycemic index. It is also high in iron, has a complete amino acid profile great for the vegetarians and cooks in almost no time.

Brown rice

A lot of people claim to dislike brown rice, but cooked properly it can be a beautiful addition to almost any meal. A small serving of brown rice can make your salads, stir fries and other vegetable dishes more satisfying, while not forcing that big blood sugar spike you’d get from eating bread.


This may surprise you, but moderate amounts of potatoes cooked in healthy oils not processed vegetable oils would not make you fat. Potatoes are actually fairly high in iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and minerals, making them a healthy alternative to other starches so long as you don’t go nuts.

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