7 Reasons To Get A Sperm Facial

7 Reasons To Get A Sperm Facial

The next time you & your man have the night packed with fun, ladies, do not forget to collect some.( you know what I mean). According to the new study, it is believed that semen or sperm is good for the skin. The proteins & nutrients present in the sperm can make the face glow & help to lighten those spiteful looking scars too. Many women find this to be the disgusting face pack, but, if you still feel it can work surprises on the skin, why not try this natural ingredient.

Your man semen is packed with the protein, that helps to tightens the skin. Sperm when applied as the face pack also helps to moisturise & nourish the face due to the presence of zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium & fructose. On the other hand, fresh semen includes urea which is found in the urine which in other terms is good for the skin as it acts as a natural toner.

Sperm on face benefits

Sperm is as an anti-aging treatment, testified an exponential hike in reputation about the year 2009. It is a productive substance & a natural ointment which moisturises the skin & can make it skin to glow. The salty taste of the semen comes from the ammonia salts which had selected from the urethra, & they are highly active in de-greasing & also include anti bacterial qualities. Sperm & clear skin are quite related, & if you need to have the glowing skin even in the fifties, one can try out this powerful remedy. The odour might smell, but it can have ignored considering the high profits connected with it. Getting the smooth, clear skin free of the wrinkles & acnes is now very possible.

Likewise, here are some of the other reasons why you should apply sperm on the face for better skin. Take a look at the skin care benefits or 7 Reasons To Get A Sperm Facial:

7 Reasons To Get A Sperm FacialDecreases Acne Problems

Since it contains the minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants & much more, it is surely good for the skin. The sperm facial is so effectual that it even has an ability to kill the bacteria that forms the pimple itself.

Gets Rid Of Wrinkles

Sperm is frequently regarded as the spray of youth. When applied in its natural form on the wrinkles, over a period of time they disappear.  With the evaporation of water from it, the proteins gather for widening out the fine wrinkles on the skin.

It Whitens the Teeth

Believe it or not, semen when applied on the teeth does have an effect. Semen is known to contain calcium, potassium, phosphates & zinc which is why it helps to provide the better whiter look.

Helps Scars To Vanish

Considering sperm is good in treating acne, it is also beneficial for treating the marks that are left behind. Massage the few drops of semen on the acne scar, allow it to dry and wash thoroughly with water. Repeat the process till you see the scar declining.

Lightens Dark Circles

There are the lot of home remedies to treat dark circles, but nothing can beat a semen facial. As leasing the dark circles  the proteins would also help to tighten the skin preventing eye bags.

Your Lips Chapped

Semen is related to being the natural moisturiser for the skin. So, when the skin or lips is chapped this ingredient can be used as an option to make the lips feel soft again.

Your Hair Needs It Too

Sperm also promotes the hair growth. Sperm contains prostrate gland in E2 which also support hair growth & helps to improve the texture too. This is another reason why you should add semen to the beauty regime.

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