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Six beauty benefits of vitamin E oil for the face, body and hair

Six beauty benefits of vitamin E oil for the face, body and hair

Vitamin E oil is one of the ingredients that can be used on face, hair, lips, nails, body, etc. It has multiple benefits and contains very high dose of anti – oxidants.

Six beauty benefits of vitamin E oil for the face, body and hair

Six beauty benefits of vitamin E oil for the face, body and hair

These nourish the skin and hair and make them stay beautiful for longer time. The regular use of vitamin E oil can therefore ward off various beauty problems as well. Here are few of Vitamin A oil benefits.

Fades away the stretch marks

Vitamin E oil has anti – oxidants that prevent the damage of collagen and help to repair the skin. Stretch marks frequently appear after the sudden weight loss or post pregnancy when the skin undergoes a sudden severe changes. It stretches more than usual and the result is those white lines called stretch marks.

How to use:

Warm some vitamin E oil by soaking the bottle in hot water.
Now take few drops and massage it wherever have the stretch marks.
Leave it on overnight.
Repeat the process every night to see them fade away in few months.

Prevents from wrinkles

Every womans’ enemy is signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin E oil enhances collagen production and also blocks free radical damage which is frequently the main cause of appearance of wrinkles.

How to use:

Mash few pieces of papaya in a bowl.
Now add 2 to 3 drops of vitamin E oil to it.
Mix well and apply this paste on the face and neck.
Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

Suits dry and sensitive skin

Dry skin lacks moisture and hydration as sensitive skin can turn red at the slightest touch. Therefore, it is essential to use right ingredients on such skin types. Vitamin E oil is suited for the both types. It has anti-inflammatory properties that cools sensitive skin as its moisturising properties soothe dry skin.

How to use:

Warm some vitamin E oil and & then honey to it.
Apply this mixture on the skin, not just face but the whole body.
Once you done massaging, take bath with lukewarm water.
If find honey to be sticky, simply massage the skin with vitamin E oil.
You can do this at night and bathe with lukewarm water in the morning.
This will let the skin soak up the oil better.

Lightens acne scars and dark spots

Acne skin, dark spots, burn marks, etc. can hinder the beauty but you can lighten them with the help of vitamin E oil. It helps the damaged tissue heal better and the skin also appears brighter after its use. Make sure you use this paste regularly to see the visible difference.

How to use:

In bowl add vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel.
Stir it well to blend the 2 and then apply on an affected areas.
Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off with water.
Both the ingredients would help in lightening the spots and scars.

Soothes the chapped lips

Chapped lips are common occurrence during winters and no matter how much lip balm we use, it is not enough. This is due to harsh weather that takes away all the moisture. But using vitamin E oil helps to prevent them getting too chapped as it seals the moisturise in and also prevents from further damage.

How to use:

Simply apply some vitamin E oil on the lips.
Do this at night or if you do not want to use lip balm, use this oil instead.
Avoid licking the lips as it dries them out and will not let the oil seep into the skin.

Strengthens the hair

For hair to be strong and healthy the follicles need nourishment and vitamin E oil does just that. It not just improves the blood circulation when massaged on the scalp, it also promotes the hair health and is good for increasing the condition of dry and brittle hair.

How to use:

Warm some vitamin E oil and apply it on the scalp and hair.
Massage the scalp well so that it enhances the blood flow.
Keep it on for an hour and then rinse the hair.

Photo credit: Virytum / Foter / CC BY

Vitamin E oil is also available in the form of capsules. If do not find the oil, can use these to make packs. Simply cut them open & squeeze out the liquid. If find vitamin E oil to be too greasy, mix any other light oil in it such as coconut or olive oil and then apply it on the hair and skin.

Six beauty benefits of vitamin E oil for the face, body and hair

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