Tips To Take Care Of Your Scalp In Monsoon

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Scalp In Monsoon

With the skies torrential down rain, the atmosphere is cleaned, leaves shine a bright green and dust is not to be seen. But on the flip side come the dirty roads, the sticky feeling and if you happen to get wet in rains then the hair ends up having a bad day.

Hair care in monsoon becomes very important because the wet weather can cause great damage. Not only do you lose hair but also the surface shine and shine. Take a kook on Tips To Take Care Of Your Scalp In Monsoon.

Keep it clean

The first and foremost very important thing to remember is to keep the hair and scalp clean. And this does not just hold good for monsoons but for every season. A dirty scalp would never be able to give you healthy hair. If you happen to get caught in the rain without an umbrella, wash your hair as soon as possible with a gentle and light shampoo.

Do Not Forget The Conditioner:

Shampooing is just not sufficient to maintain the headful of healthy and glowing hair. The conditioner has its own role to play and cannot be ignored. As part of the system of hair care in monsoon, do include the conditioner. Your hair will thank you for it.

Oil daily

Dust, dirt, sweat and shampooing tend to strip the hair off natural oils. In order to give the hair and scalp the much required nourishment always oil the hair before shampooing. It moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy and manageable. It would be best to oil hair at night and rinse the following morning.

Limit hair coloring and styling:

With the atmosphere being so loaded with the moisture, drying is not an easy task. Hair takes very long to dry. In order to keep things under the control, try to avoid any kind of coloring and extra styling during the monsoon months. Colored and styled hair requires care and attention but during the rainy season this might not always be possible.

Dry completely

Tying up wet hair is ill-treating the hair. The wet weather damages the quality of the hair, leads to itchy scalp and might cause hair breakage. To keep the strands long, shiny, bouncy and strong make sure to always allow your hair to dry completely. And this drying should be natural drying without the use of a hair dryer. The heat from the dryer does more harm than good. Use it sparingly.

Apply moisturizing hair masks:

To give extra nourishment and to pamper your hair, make use of homemade moisturizing hair masks. Some of the common ingredients you can use are eggs, yogurt, gram flour, honey, oil and aloe vera gel. The hair masks provide nourishment to the roots and what you get is hair growing healthy and fast. Monsoon season may not be the best time to experiment in hair styles. The waters falling from the skies accumulate on the roads and streets. The fast moving vehicles splash water when passing by. When you have so much to look out for why go that extra mile to style your hair? It is best to keep to the basics when it comes to hair care in monsoon. The basic stuff always yields excellent results.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Scalp In Monsoon

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