Causes for People To SleepWalk

Causes for people to sleepwalk

Causes for People To SleepWalk

What causes for people to sleepwalk? Well, a disorder known as ‘somnambulism’ is accountable for the sleep walking behaviour. A person suffering from this disorder tends to walk during the deep sleep.

A odd aspect of this disorder is that, the person might forget the incident of sleepwalking after waking up. Al though it might occur when a person is below the age of 10, in some cases, even adults do suffer from this problem.

Some episodes ,might also end up with the violence as the sleepwalker might respond violently when someone move towards to help.

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Chronic Stress

Al Though it is not confirmed, chronic stress can be one of the sleepwalking reasons according to a recent study.

Lack Of Sleep

Health experts say that this disorder is mostly observed in people who undergo severe sleep deprivtation and insomnia.

Drug Abuse

Long term usage or abuse of certain drugs is harmful as it might also trigger the issue of sleepwalking. Calming are mainly to be answerable.

Heart Problems

This problem is observed in those who suffer from the heart problems. Scientists are trying to figure out the link between them.

Sever Addictions

Chronic alcoholic addiction can cause sleepwalking behaviours according to the recent study. Drinking might trigger such episodes in those who are hereditarily predisposed to the problem.

Other Disorders

Certain types of psychiatric issues might also cause this problem of sleepwalking. Those who have suffered panic attacks must be careful.

Sleep Apnea

A medical condition called as sleep apnea is also linked with sleepwalking and the reasons are not yet completely discovered.

Causes for people to sleepwalk


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