Signs & Symptoms of Baby Boy during Pregnancy

Signs & Symptoms of Baby Boy during Pregnancy

Signs you are pregnant with a boy are often felt as these symptoms of a baby boy are considered to be good indicators. Couples do like to know about the gender of the child in the womb.

Couples would be interested in knowing the real symptoms of a baby boy during pregnancy or baby girl. They would be keen to know it is a boy or girl. There are signs you are pregnant with a boy.

Parents are keen to start their shopping, choose their baby’s name, and also like to decorate the baby room accordingly. Naturally, such preparations would mean knowing, symptoms of baby boy 

They can in fact accomplish such tasks easily and also prepare their home to welcome the baby boy or girl.

Symptoms of Baby Boy in Womb during Pregnancy

Conceiving a boy is most desired by couples, especially so if they happen to be proud parents of a sweet daughter already. 

1. Height and Shape of the Bump

It is often said that if the woman is carrying low in the abdomen it is possibly a baby boy. A low pregnant belly, much closer to one’s pelvis is usually an indication of baby boys. For girls, it is understood that a person carries higher. Of course, there is no scientific explanation as to why baby boys are carried low.

2. Food Cravings

One of the popular symptoms of the woman having a baby boy is related to her pregnancy cravings. What kind of food the woman craves might be an indicator of one’s baby’s gender. Is she craving sour, savory, or salty food? It is believed that if the woman craves savory and spicy snacks, it is expected to be a baby boy. But if the woman is keen on having more sweets then it could be a baby girl. This is one of the signs you are pregnant with a boy.

3. Morning Sickness                  

Another common pregnancy symptom happens to be morning sickness. In case of nausea and throwing up, it is indeed an indication that a baby is growing inside the womb. Morning sickness happens on account of hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy. The less the morning sickness, the more chances of a baby boy. This is one of the symptoms of a baby boy.  

4. Heartbeat

It is understood that baby boys have a heart rate below 140, while girls have a heart rate above 140 inside the womb. Couples can pay attention to beats per minute to determine if it is a baby boy or a baby girl. A lower heart rate is for.

5. Face, skin, and dry hands

In the case of lots of pimples, it could mean a baby boy is in the offing. The less skin glows the more chances of a baby boy. Dryness of hands is also a symptom of delivering a baby boy.

6. Urine color 

By drinking more water the urine is clear. The color of the urine varies during pregnancy. Dark color urine could mean a baby boy. Lighter urine means the chances of a baby girl.

7. Hair Growth

A woman carrying a baby boy experience better hair growth. Women hair faster, the chances of having a baby girl are higher.

8. Sleeping Pattern Varies

Sleeping on the left side indicates the chances of having a baby boy.

9. Linea Nigra

This is the dark-colored line that goes across the pregnancy belly. The line predicts the gender issue of the baby. If the line continues all across the rib cage then there is a possibility of having a baby boy.

10. Cold feet and hands

This is a symptom of having a baby boy. If the feet are too cold then it is often predicted that the woman will deliver a baby boy.

Signs & Symptoms of Baby Boy during Pregnancy


Usually, a couple has an ultrasound done, but despite this, it is difficult for the physician to decide upon the gender of the would-be-born. In some countries, it is illegal to declare the gender of the would- be- born. Whatever said often it is common to go by signs you are pregnant with a boy.

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