Second-hand drinking detrimental like second-hand smoke

Quit alcohol to improve mental health in women

Second-hand drinking is a bad social habit and can affect others as well. A heavy drinker can affect the other person as well. The impact on the other person’s negative.

Second-hand drinking is as bad as second-hand smoke. What is it one may wonder? Just like second-hand smoking, society does, of course, require to combat the second-hand effects of drinking as millions of people are rather suffering from harmful alcohol harm on account of someone else’s drinking. This has been of course revealed by a team led by an Indian-origin scientist.
Judging by analysis of US national survey data which does indicate that some 21 percent of women and 23 percent of men — an estimated 53 million adults did experience harm on account of someone else’s drinking in the last 12 months. Naturally, it is obvious that second-hand drinking can also be injurious to a person’s health. It does affect another person and is equally bad hand as second smoking.Second-hand drinking detrimental like second-hand smoke

These harms could indeed prove to be threatening or harassment, as bad as ruined property or vandalism, physical aggression, harms related to driving or financial or family problems. Second-hand drinking is indeed a serious matter.
Women and men experience different types of harms, so the gender issue is a matter of concern. Women are indeed more likely to report financial as well as family problems, whereas ruined property, vandalism, and physical aggression were indeed more likely to be reported by men.
There is in fact much risk for women from heavy, often male, drinkers in the household and, for men, from drinkers outside their family circle. This has been proven by studies.
Other factors are also involved such as the person’s age and the drinking habits which were important in the context of a person’s own drinking, which is also important.
People who actually happen to be younger than age 25 had indeed a higher risk of experiencing harm from someone else’s drinking.

Furthermore, almost half of men and women who themselves were heavy drinkers said they had indeed been harmed by someone else’s drinking. Heavy drinkers are there in the family and it does affect other family members as well.
Even in the case of people who drank but not heavily were at two to three times at the risk of harassment, threats and driving-related harm compared with abstainers.
Controlled policies, such as alcohol pricing, taxation, reduced availability, and also restricting advertising, maybe the most effective ways in order to reduce not only alcohol consumption but also. The harm caused by alcohol to people other than the drinker.

Social drinking is acceptable but too much of it is not good and this indeed leads to other social problems as well. Apart from being detrimental to health, it is important to avoid excessive drinking as it impacts others and on society as a whole.
People usually begin drinking moderately and later on end up drinking too much later as they may experience difficulties in life or maybe by habit. In fact, those who interact with them also tend to drink. They also develop the habit of drinking in excess.

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