Is Smoking Tea Bad for You?

Is Smoking Tea Bad for You?

Tea is widely taken as a drink but since human beings are innovative they even smoke tea. The herb is made use of to smoke.

Is this good or bad?

Is Smoking Tea considered to be “Macho”?

Many smoke tea as they are manly to do so. Different ways of smoking it is adopted. People find it easy to roll it. New combinations with tea leaves are tried out. Black tea is very famous and is known for its aroma and smoky taste. It is prepared over pine wood fire. There are various flavors such as Peppermint, Tannin, Malt, Lemon Zest, Peppercorn, Tar and so forth. Others are Cranberry, Autumn Tea, Cinnamon, Apricot, White Peach, Vanilla Comoro, Cocoa, Honey as well as other Field Grasses, etc.

Short term effects of Smoking Tea:

• Exotic feeling
• One can relax
• Calm nerves
• One feels light headed.
• Forgetting all worries.
• It is aromatic.
• Makes one high
• Better taste than tobacco or weed.
• One is awake widely
• Provides much energy.

Long Term Effect

• One feels relaxed.
• Can cause cancer.
• Causes hallucinations
• Makes one high.
• One vomits at times.
• Causes respiratory problems.
• Can become addictive

It is available in most homes in the form of black, green or even herbal tea. It is but natural that people make use of tea for smoking. Tea leaves are rather cheaply available and naturally, people would like to smoke it.

Tea leaves are easily available and this makes its accessibility very easy.

Is Smoking Tea Bad for You?Smoking Tea is legal:

Smoking tea is very popular as it is legal to do so. Even if one is underage one can have access to tea leaves although it could be risky.

Smoking Tea has health risks involved:

  • Drinking Tea causes blood thinning.
  • Its antioxidant property of tea does detoxify harmful chemicals in the body and also enhance the metabolism.
  • But smoking tea leaves can indeed be very dangerous for health.
    Tea leaves on account of its caffeine properties keep one energized and therefore one stops smoking tea,
  • One gets a severe headache, becomes drowsy and sluggish.
  • Tea is a brain stimulant.
  • Reduces one’s appetite.

Smoking tea becomes a craving:

Smoking as it does involve the combustion process. One inhales carbon monoxide which is colorless, odorless as well as tasteless gas. CO binds firmly with Hemoglobin.

It also dissolves in blood and makes one drowsy, resulting in oxygen depletion in the bloodstream causing the death of a person.


It is indeed quite a habit to smoke tea like smoking hash etc. Several people are smoking tea as it is easily available and that too in the comforts of one’s own home. Tea is usually taken as a drink, but surprisingly it can be smoked as well. One does feel drowsy and intoxicated and even experiences hallucinations.

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