DIY Homemade Cucumber Cooling Spray You must try

DIY Homemade Cucumber Cooling Spray

who don’t require good facial spray in the scorching heat during summer! It is refreshing, soothing & above all, though providing a dewy glow, it gives various benefits & richness to skin. Below explained regarding DIY Homemade Cucumber Cooling Spray.

When in want of a relaxing break, practicing the facial spray can become the calming ritual. Though, during the market, is full of the plethora of sprays, their high prices frequently leave you desiring for your passion.

Furthermore, commercial sprays carry artificial fragrances, alcohol and numerous other components that can cause irritation & dry out the skin. And if you are having sensitive skin, you may end up harming the skin to a substantial extent.

Therefore, sufficient to go for the DIY natural facial spray that further gives you the opportunity to experiment with the oils and components of your option. The probabilities for components are endless, from essential oils to rose water, coconut water, plant & fruit extracts & the record goes on. Read on for a simple, quick, refreshing & customized choice of sprays to make.

You can apply the following elements or experiment with others of your options:

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Cucumber is an excellent skin-calmer. loaded with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin K, retinol (vitamin A), pantothenic acid, & silica, it supports soothe the sunburn, decreases & controls melanin, hydrates the skin, and builds collagen. Cucumber exhibition spectacular outcomes in soothing & relaxing the skin while giving a cooling effect.


Lemon serves as the natural exfoliator & assists prevent acne & extra oil on the skin. Additionally, it has stimulating and refreshing goods that allow the skin fresh, softer, rejuvenated, & smoother.

Aloe vera relaxes the skin, enhancing the blood circulation & the skin’s elasticity.

Rose water is especially great at hydrating & rejuvenating your skin. Because of its moderate astringent qualities, it also serves to remove excess oil & balance the pH level of the skin. An efficient skin revitalizer, it decreases redness & gives you soft, smooth & glowing skin.

DIY Homemade Cucumber Cooling SprayIngredients:

  • Cucumber juice : 1
  • Lemon juice : From dash of lemon
  • Aloe vera gel : 1 tsp
  • Rose water : 1 tsp


1. Make a paste with cucumber chunks using the mixer and blend into the soft pulp.

2. Drain the pulp into a cheesecloth arranged over the bowl.

3. Collect the corners, clutch it tightly & drain the juice.

4. Squeeze juice of half of the lemon in it.

5. Combine one tsp of aloe vera gel.

6. Blend in one tsp of rose water.

7. Combine all the components collectively.

8. Pour & store the solution in the plastic spray bottle.

9. Now ready to use spray & enjoy the freshness of your DIY homemade spray. You can apply it up to three times per day.

Note: You can store this DIY homemade facial spray in the fridge for a week. Shake well before application.

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