Weight loss: Increase your vitamin D intake to shed those extra kilos

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One gets plenty of Vitamin D from the Sun. It helps to strengthen one’s bones and immunity as well. Yet one needs to become aware that Vitamin D does also aid weight loss.

The link between Vitamin D and one’s weight:

Vitamin D for weight loss does expedite the absorption of calcium as well as phosphorus in the body, which is necessary for strong bones. It also does help to increase the immune system and few studies suggest that it can also have a key role to play in maintaining one’s body weight.

Many dieters even after following a strict diet as well as exercising regularly, do find it difficult to shed kilos. They have to realize that Vitamin D for weight loss needs to be taken into consideration. One need to get their vitamin D level checked. Any sort of deficiency of vitamin D can indeed lead to weight gain or obesity.
Even after the sun is a natural source of vitamin D and easily available to everyone, studies do show that about 50 percent of the world’s population is vitamin D deficient.


Vitamin D for weight loss:

Though a lot more research is indeed required to establish the link between obesity and Vitamin D, it has indeed been found that overweight people are vitamin D deficient and vice versa.
A review article by Brazilian scientists has revealed that vitamin D deficiency was 35 percent more in obese people and of course 24 percent higher in overweight people.

Weight loss: Increase your vitamin D intake to shed those extra kilos

How to increase vitamin D intake?

One can make a serious attempt to increase vitamin D and one needs to know that it is linked with one’s body weight. One can seriously think of increasing its daily intake. Here is how you can increase one’s intake of vitamin D.

Walk in the sun:

The sun is indeed a major source of vitamin D, and therefore one can hope to increase the level of this mineral in one’s body then start walking in the morning. One does get up early in the morning and go for a walk. This will help keep one healthy as well as fit. The sun rays after 8 am is rather harmful to skin so apply sunscreen if one has to step out.

Another study on Ethiopian children does show that vitamin D deficiency existing in children is caused due to less exposure to sunlight as it affects their body fat mass.

These studies do make it clear that vitamin D deficiency does somehow does affect the bodyweight of a person.
There are indeed numerous foods that are rich in vitamin D that one can include in one’s diet to stay healthy. One can have food items such as milk, cod liver oil, salmon, almond, yogurt, eggs, tuna, and mushroom.

Vitamin D Supplement:

In case one cannot go for a walk then one can consider taking vitamin D supplements. Consult one’s doctor for good vitamin D supplements. It is important to ensure that one does maintain healthy bones.

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