Migraine can lead to complications during pregnancy

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No doubt one is much concerned about migraines during pregnancy as it is felt that migraines can lead to complications during pregnancy. Migraine can lead to the risk of miscarriage and also giving birth to a child of low weight. Prescription drugs can lead to complications. One needs to deal with it medically.

It is doubtful that women who suffer from migraines do find that the number and severity of severe headaches do decrease during pregnancy. It has also been observed migraines can lead to complications during pregnancy as compared to women who do not suffer from migraines. Newborn babies whose mothers do suffer from migraines during pregnancy do have an increased risk of complications such as respiratory distress or even febrile seizures.

The risk of cesarean is about 15 to 25 percent higher for pregnant women with migraine as compared to pregnant women without migraine. Researchers have also come to the conclusion based on data that migraine medication perhaps prevents some complications.
The risk of complications happens to be lower for pregnant women who suffer from migraines who take medication as compared to women to pregnant women with migraines who were not treated at all.

Migraine can lead to complications during pregnancy
Migraine medication does not happen to be the cause of complications, but migraine itself. It is important for pregnant women to be aware of it.
Migraine does occur quite commonly among women as compared to men in fact twice as much. The actual cause is not known but it has been felt that migraine is triggered by stress, fatigue, or even hormonal changes such as pregnancy.

Surprisingly, women of childbearing are indeed hard hit by migraines. Healthcare services need to become much aware of pregnant women suffering from migraines.
Migraine does cause much discomfort and when one is pregnant definitely it is something to be concerned about. As it childbirth is a major experience for a woman an added to it if she suffers from migraine it can indeed be distressful. This debilitating disorder has been tied to a 50 percent higher risk of pregnancy that is associated with blood pressure problems as well as a 10 percent higher risk of miscarriage.

In fact, women who suffer migraines do find that the number and severity of these severe headaches that does decrease during pregnancy, migraines are now being linked to elevated blood pressure, abortions, caesareans, preterm births as well as babies with low birth weight.
Pregnant women need to take good care of themselves in case they are suffering from migraines. They do need healthcare support as migraine does lead to pregnancy complication which can affect the childbirth process.

Medication does help but nevertheless required precautionary measures need to be taken like consulting one’s physician. One need not take risks of any kind as a healthy baby is important. Complications caused by migraines during pregnancy can play havoc with childbirth.
Migraine per se is indeed miserable and that too during pregnancy it can cause many irritations.

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