Nutritional facts and medicinal values of Tender coconut water

medicinal values of Tender coconut water

The Tender coconut water has recognized as the purest liquid after water & had packed with electrolytes, potassium, calcium, sodium & magnesium. Many doctors are now prescribing Tender coconut water to their patients. It has considered by specialists as the ‘natural isotonic beverage with the equivalent level of electrolytic balance as we have in the blood.’ It has also stated to be more beneficial than the milk or orange juice, as it does not hold the fat present in milk or calories in the orange juice. Being the natural drink, it has no chemicals and hence excellent for babies too. Below explained regarding medicinal values of Tender coconut water.

Medicinal values of Tender coconut water

  1. Clinical proof recommends that high intake of the potassium lowers the blood pressure which is the major risk factor for coronary heart disease.
  2. Tender coconut water has a high content of potassium, & there is some proof to show that Tender coconut water can reduce hypertension.
  3. Zoological studies have shown that drinking Tender coconut water increases good cholesterol, lowers the bad cholesterol and also reduces triglycerides.
  4. Drinking Tender coconut water on an empty stomach which helps in cooling the system & relieving acidity. It expels out hyper acidic toxins.
  5. Many Doctors suggest Tender coconut water to patients are suffering from kidney stones, as of the high amount of potassium-packed in the water.
  6. Potassium helps in alkalizing urine; that might prevent digestive wastes in the blood from solidifying & attaching to the kidney walls, giving viable protection against the ultimate stone form.
  7. It enhances digestion & kills intestinal worms. It also reduces the intestines of dangerous toxins.
  8. Kidney has considered being the deepest natural dietary source of cytokines. Research recommends the possibility that this can produce an anti­aging effect on the body reducing the risk of developing degenerative and age-related diseases. As it is isotonic in nature, it is used for rehydrating the body. It assists in promoting the blood circulation & maintains the body PH levels of fluids.
  9. It is said to be an excellent replacement for saline glucose. It has used to defeat vomiting in patients who are suffering from typhoid & malaria.

medicinal values of Tender coconut waterNutritional facts of Tender Coconut Water

  • It is the natural energy drink & should play the role of the healthy diet. It is done by sportsmen as the sports drink during exercising. It has loaded with all the natural fluids needed for the body.
  • Lauric acid is prevailing in coconut, and it is an anti­fungal, anti­viral, & anti­infection acid.
  • Babies do monolaurin from the lauric acid in their mother’s breast milk, so coconut water has recommended for treating mothers.

Alternative uses of Tender coconut water

1. Relieves Hangovers

Coconut water is also an excellent natural home remedy for hangovers. Alcohol robs the body of hydration, & this dehydration causes the morning and after booze blues. Coconut water refreshes the electrolytes in the body & increases hydration, therefore making you feel better.

Plus, the antioxidants in this revitalizing health drink combat oxidative stress caused by satisfying in too much alcohol. It will more ease settle an acid stomach.

2. Helps Weight Loss

Coconut water is the ideal drink for weight loss. It is low in calories & light on the stomach. In fact, this light & refreshing drink contain several bioactive enzymes that aid digestion & boost fat metabolism.

Additionally, coconut water is rich in the potassium; that aids balance out sodium. Extra sodium in the body serves to cause water retention, offering to water weight. Therefore, coconut water aids flush out excess water as well as toxins or unwanted material from the body.

3. Treats Headaches

Most migraine headaches have triggered by dehydration. In such circumstances, coconut water can be of great aid in supplying electrolytes to the human body and increasing hydration.

Coconut water has also packed with magnesium. People who suffer from migraines frequently have low levels of the magnesium. Some of the studies also recommend that magnesium can reduce the frequency of migraine strikes.

4. Regulates Blood Sugar

Coconut water comprises amino acids & dietary fiber that aid regulate the blood sugar & enhance insulin sensitivity.

It also assists with general issues faced by people who are suffering from diabetes. It supports to manage the weight. As it helps increase the circulation, coconut water is also helpful for overcoming symptoms like numbness in feet & an inclination to develop atherosclerosis.

5. Anti Aging Properties

Coconut water holds cytokinins that have the anti-ageing effects on cells & tissues. It decreases the risk of developing degenerative & age-related diseases.

Refreshing & clear green coconut water too nourishes & hydrates the skin to keep it soft & smooth. In addition to drinking tender coconut water, one can mix enough coconut water with two teaspoons of sandalwood powder to form the paste, apply it on the skin and wash it off when it drains correctly to keep the younger-looking skin.

Side effects of Tender Coconut water

  1. Coconut water can not be fit for those with the nut allergies.
  2. It can cause the bloating & mild stomach upset in some people.
  3. Do not consume coconut water for at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery as it can intervene with the blood pressure control during & after surgery.
  4. People with the kidney dysfunction should first consult their family doctor before incorporating coconut water in their health system.

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