How To Delay Periods Naturally With Home Remedies

How To Delay Periods Naturally With Home Remedies

Menstruation is the natural phenomenon that each lady between 12 to 50 years of age experiences every month. This physical situation brings out the femininity in all woman & makes them distinct from the male. But, when the periodic cycle several ladies face a various type of sensation, pain or other difficulties. Even it has prevented for those women who are presently experiencing their periods to visit any religious place. Therefore, there are times when you wish to sidestep limits & make it postponed or delayed. Rather of having synthetic or hormonal pills go for effective natural remedies to delay the periods. Read about How To Delay Periods Naturally With Home Remedies

Women have different reasons for getting their menstrual cycle postpone or prepone. In a religious event, women with the menstrual periods will not be allowed. Even if you get heavy periods during the wedding, one can certainly get difficult to carry on with a variation of rituals. There are some unnatural as well as natural methods to delay periods. But, it might not be safe to adopt the artificial ways to postpone the menstrual periods. But, efficient home remedies with the natural process of delaying the menstrual periods would be much more efficient & safe.

Steps to delay periods naturally

Exclude spicy food from diet

Spicy food is the methods to boost up the blood flow & initiate the menstrual cycle. If you want to postpone the periodic cycle, the best ideas will be to avoid all kinds of spicy food entirely. Some of the examples of this spicy food are chilies, black pepper, garlic, and ginger. You require avoiding these foods from the diet completely.


The herbs such as yarrow tinctures & shepherd’s purse should be dried at first & crush it to make powder. Now move the fluid out of it & eat it to postpone periods. The herb named as shepherd purse is mostly applied to stop high blood flow during hemorrhages. Therefore, this can also be used to delay menstrual bleeding temporarily. People suffering from piles can provide with the herb named as the yarrow. Even in fever & cold, this Herb is provided. Now, this can be applied for postponing the menstrual periods.


Emotional stress can be one of the causes for getting the menstrual period before time. This emotional stress can only avoid with the help of regular exercise. Stress control can effectively do with regular exercise as use will always keep you in the right state along with fitness program.

People with extremely little or no physical activity can end up with a kind of complexity. They can also get random periods such as two times in the month and so on. But, today, if one can carry on with regular cardio exercise, getting the perfect balance in the body will be quickly possible. Exercising might not mean only visiting the gym. There is the difference of activities such as jogging, running, & swimming through which one can retrieve physical balance in the body & combat with the abnormal menstrual periods. Read more Improve Health Without Exercise And Diet

home remedies to postpone periods naturally

Gram Lentils

Particular diet & food have proven effects on rising or reducing days in the menstrual cycle. One can now get some of the Gram Lentils from the market & make soup out of it. If you need to postpone the periods, eating it on a regular basis till the time you wish to regulate the periods will help to defer the date of the periodic cycle. But there is also a method for preparing the stuff. First of all want to fry the gram lentils till it converts soft. Now pour them in the grinder & get a fine powder out of it. Now, you can only make a thick soup from the gram lentils & eat the same to postpone the periods.

Control over stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of all difficulties & health problem in individuals. If you are getting periods abnormally before the date, it can be because of stress. The beat mode to have control over stress is taking a deep breath & then slowly clearing it by closing the eyes. One can also postpone the periodic cycle after controlling the stress level.

How To Delay Periods Naturally With Home RemediesVinegar

One of the natural & efficient ways to postpone periods is by vinegar. For this, you want to take the glass of purified drinking water & add 3-4 spoons of vinegar in it. This will aid you to delay the menstrual symptoms & even delay the periods by 3 to 4 days. If you want to delay the periods more, keep on taking the vinegar water on a daily basis. But, you require drinking this for 2 to 3 times per day.

Drink enough quantity of water

One should also have sufficient amount of water throughout the day to delay the periods. Some ladies have an inclination of drinking very less drink whole day. But, this is not a great sign rather one can come across the variation of complications due to this. Many ladies have validated getting their periods pushed back with the proper quantity of water intake throughout the day. Also, you will be very pleased without pain as water makes the periods lighter. Know more Combination Of Besan & Rose Water For Skin


If you want to postpone the menstruation in a natural method, all you have to do is take the aid of Gelatin. Unless you can have gelatin right at the home or another one can get it from the supermarket. You need to empty the whole packet of gelatin in a bowl in which warm water is present. Now you can eat it & have the delay of periods. According to the ladies who already have experienced a delay in this mechanism, you can delay the period by 4 hours at least if eaten once. You must have it thrice per day usually until the time one want to stop periods.

Food with low temperature

People like to delay their periods in a natural method must be careful about their diet. It wrong to have hot & spicy food as this will improve the heat in the body & expand the periodic cycle to prepone. If you require postponing the periods, the safest way would have food items which are cold. If you have the attitude of having, hot rice & vegetables try & drop this habit for some time & go for the meals which are cold. This will ease your postpone the menstrual cycle. Read on Benefits Of Drinking Watermelon Juice post workout

Lemon to delay periods

Another natural vegetable or fruit that will assist you to delay the periodic cycle is a lemon. Because it has natural acidic qualities and citric acid getting the periods lighter will be simple. It will not only make to get the periods delayed but also manage the complications during the periodic cycle such as tenderness, pain, or inflammation over the appropriate area. You can also stop the flow by chewing lemon slowly & intake its juice. Alternatively one can also have the glass of water & squeeze have of lemon in it. But, do not have the lemons when you are going through the periods as this will enhance the cramps. Go for it before the date of the periodic cycle.

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