Causes Of Dry Lips During Summer

Causes Of Dry Lips During Summer

Dry skin looks unhealthy and dull. When you have dry lips, it is even worse. Sometimes, dry lips might even bleed when they are handled in the rough way. Honey Lip Balm Benefits All of us do suffer dry lips during summer but have you ever wondered about reasons behind the dryness Well, there are so many other causes of the dry lips. You do not need to worry much because regular moisturising procedures might be sufficient to prevent your lips from drying. Causes Of Dry Lips During Summer

Of course, if the reason behind the dryness is chronic illness, then consulting the family physician might help. Most of us assume that lips get dry only during the winter season. But it is the fact that dry lips can occur any time. You must take sufficient care to avoid dryness. How To Make Lip Balm Last Longer As lips do not secrete oil, they must be moisturised regularly. Now, let us discuss about the reasons behind dry lips during summer.

Breathing With Mouth One of dry lips causes is breathing with your mouth. When air passes through the lips, dryness occurs. If you have habit of snoring, make sure that you moisturise the lips before you go to bed.

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Certain citrus fruits generally cause irritation on the lips and thereby cause dryness too. Make it a point to use the lip balm.

Causes Of Dry Lips During SummerVitamin A

Those who consume excessive amounts of Vitamin A through their diet or through supplements may experience dry lips often.


Certain types of allergies might also cause dry lips. It is better to consult the skin specialist in that case.


Certain medicines do cause dry lips. If you are under medication consult your physician.

Other Possible Causes Of Dry Lips Dehydration and licking your lips often can also cause dryness. Also, if you don’t use any lip balm to moisturise your lips, dryness may persist.

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