How to clean hair brushes and combs?

How to clean hair brushes and combs?

Brushes, similar to other beauty tools do get dirty over time. In case one’s brush is getting a little messy, then it obviously means one needs to get it cleaned. Brushes and combs can usually be cleaned with a mild cleanser and a toothbrush. In case, one has not cleaned one’s brush for a long time it is better to disinfect the brush or comb in vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Once it is done with one will have neat and clean brushes and combs.

1. Remove hair from the brush by fingers:

One needs to get rid of as much hair from the comb by simply picking the strand with one’s fingers. One can remove the hair quite easily. It is important to thoroughly remove the hairs. In case a hair strand is stuck, one can make use of tooth prick to loosen it and then remove it with one’s fingers.

2. Mix a mild cleaner with warm water:

One need not make use of strong cleaners on the hair as well as the brush. One can use a mild cleaner such as dish soap or shampoo. Do add a small dab of cleaner to a small bowl of warm water. One need not use too much of it.

How to clean hair brushes and combs?3. Scrub down the brush or comb with a toothbrush:

Do try to soak one’s brush in the cleaner for about 15 minutes in order to loosen any stuck on the material. Then make use of an unused toothbrush and damp it with the cleaner or gently swab down the brush or comb between the bristles.

4. Rinse the brush or comb:

After giving the brush a good scrubbing one needs to rinse out the cleaner. Rinse the brush in running hot water in the faucet.

5. Deep cleaning and Disinfecting:

One needs to submerge the plastic comb in vinegar or rubbing alcohol. One can sanitize them in rubbing alcohol. Let the comb soak for about 15 minutes. Then remove the comb and rinse it under running water.

6. Soak the brush in vinegar to disinfect:

One needs to soak the head of the brush to disinfect it.

7. Comb air-dry or brush:

Brushes, as well as combs, need to be air dried on a towel. Some

8. Clean up the handles:

Handles also may dry off quickly or some may take time and will dry over-night and are also subject to germs. One needs to get them cleaned. One needs to get them cleaned while disinfecting the comb. One can rub alcohol also thus getting rid of any residue.

9. Cleanse bristles gently:

One needs to make use of gentle motions while cleansing the brush. One must avoid cleansing the bristles very aggressively.

10. Avoid wetting the cushioned brushes too long:

Handles must not be wet too long. Give a mild rub down with mild cleaner as well as water.

It is important to keep one’s combs clean as this is part of good grooming and maintaining healthy hair.

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