Hillary Clinton Diet Conscious finds Time for Yoga

Hillary Clinton Diet Conscious finds Time for Yoga

Hillary Clinton, wife of former US president Bill Clinton is diet conscious and maintains good health even during her campaign for US president last year. It would be interesting to observe how she keeps herself fit and takes care of her vibrant looks.

Clinton did take on a strict diet and fitness regime since the time of her launching her 2016 presidential bid. A woman like her who is so active has to be careful about her diet but nevertheless, any feel she is overweight or has been and thus her diet is poor. She, of course, since her presidential campaigning has been taking extra care about her health and has successfully managed to retain her vitality throughout the election campaigning.

It would be interesting to know more about Hillary Clinton, her habits, and lifestyle and how as a woman she has made her choices in her daily activities.

How did Hillary Clinton Manage to stay Fit during her Campaigning?

  • The Democrat did make serious attempts to get rid of her excess pounds that she could have put on account of her late nights and snacking.
  • In 2012 Hillary Clinton was much criticized for being overweight but due course she lost the extra pounds before launching her new bid.
  • Her general belief for losing weight is ‘if it looks bad for you, it’s probably bad for you.
Hillary Clinton Diet Conscious finds Time for Yoga
Hillary Clinton Diet Conscious finds Time for Yoga

Hillary Clinton’s Food Habits

  • Pork and beans
  • Tomato slices.
  • Hot Peppers.
  • Raw jalapenos.
  • Cheddar Goldfish crackers.
  • Lower fat foods.
  • Does like Indian food.
  • Whole foods.
  • Protein foods.
  • Low carb south beach diet.
  • Mocha cake.
  • Well done scrambled eggs for her breakfast.
  • Lunch means fast food, salad, sandwich or a snack.
  • For dinner she has French, Italian, pizza, Boca burgers usually at restaurants.
  • Her favorite foods: Favorite Food: Boca Burgers, Jalapenos, Ninja Squirrel Hot Sauce, French Food, Lamb, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Tahini, pizza, sausage, bar-b-que, tacos.
  • Junk food happens to be ice cream.
  • Hot sauces.
  • Drinking wine and beer.
  • Natural Fats.
  • Healthy snacking.

Hillary Clinton Beauty Care

  • Stylish Hair Care.
  • Clothes ensemble for looks.
  • Self Grooming.

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Hillary Clintons Fitness Program

  • Brisk walks
  • Yoga
  • Visits gym regularly.
  • Water aerobics.
  • 2 or more 10 to 15 minutes naps.
  • Gets up at 5.30am
  • Bedtime: 11.30pm
  • 11 to 12 hours of work daily
  • 2hours of TV watching.

Hillary Clinton does indeed keep to a schedule and her involvement in the political arena has necessitated that she adheres to a routine in order to achieve her goals successfully be it in the health arena or work area.

Her style as for as clothes are concerned she choose bright colors and wears dresses pantsuits and skirts and dresses up very elegantly. Her freshness and enthusiasm come through well and she definitely takes good care of her looks. She has to as being public figure she needs to maintain a high profile.

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