10 Ways of Staying Warm in Winters

10 Ways of Staying Warm in Winters

The weather becomes cold in winters and one experiences bad shivers. The way to get rid of such cold shivers is to stay warm. Winter can be harsh and both children and the elderly do feel very cold. Both need extra protection and even adults need to keep themselves warm.

The following are the tips to Stay Warm in Winter

Warming Up

One must try to change one’s body temperature rather than change the room temperature and thus be more eco-friendly. Rather than turning on more heat, one must put on another layer of clothing.

Wearing a Hat

One must put on one even while being in a room to avoid the cold. It is better to avoid getting exposed to cold weather.

Ways of Staying Warm in Winters
Ways of Staying Warm in Winters

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

The warm air does rise up to the ceiling if one turns on the fan. Set at the lowest level in clockwise direction to allow the warm air to rise up.

Ways of Staying Warm in Winters

Switch between Hot Cum Cold Water in the Shower

Hot showers make you feel warm and cold showers tend to improve blood circulation, between one’s skin as well as organs.

Two words: Programmable Thermostat

One must not live in living room which is colder than the outside. Regulate the thermostat with your smartphone.

Dress up one’s windows up in warmer clothes

Oven eating type of arrangement does help to keep rooms warm. Do invite friends for a cozy get-together. Their body heat does help.

Replace one’s thin curtains with heavier wool types or fleece the drapes in the winter. Nevertheless, make sure on sunny days you do open them for free heat.

Warm Get-togethers

One can go in for oven eating to warm up the rooms. Simply invite friends for cozy dinner and have a gala time and keep yourself warm at the same time. Their body heat does help


It is a good to cause microbial breakdown of organic material produces heat. Some people do use it to warm up showers and greenhouses, but even small-timers in the studio apartments do also notice the difference.

Layered covers with the thinnest and densest ones on top

Make use of fluffy blankets which are close to the skin. Also, one must place thin as well as dense blankets on the top in order to prevent convective heat loss. Do not put your bed directly against an exterior wall. One will feel warmer if one left some space.

Use Pocket Warmers

One must keep one’s hands warm by making use of pocket warmers.

Why fall sick in winters and suffer from bad colds? Try these protective measures and keep good health in winters. In winters, one hesitates to move out and likes to stay in doors on account of the biting cold outside. Naturally, one has to ensure that one’s home is also warm. A warm fire can make you feel good and the family can have nice get-togethers indoors. Feel comfy at home in winters by warming up.

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