Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy

Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy women no need to stop exercising completely. Actually, doctors will recommend that during pregnancy, women should be an active and has to eat healthy food but should be in control. Although pregnancy women have to take long walks and can go for swimming or can practice a little bit of yoga asanas, there are few things that should completely avoid by Pregnancy women. They are – Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy

Abdominal crunches:

The exercises should be avoided right from first trimester or the first three months of the pregnancy because it place pressure on the stomach.

Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy
Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy

Holding the breath for too long:

Breathing helps to improve the blood circulation and it is good for baby too, but holding the breath for long time slows down the blood circulation due to lack of oxygen.

Straining the back:

Coming to floor exercises, avoid floor exercises because that strains the back. And also avoid exercises that need to lie on the back for more than two minutes as the weight of the stomach, puts pressure on the main blood vessel and slows down the blood circulation.

Stay away from exercises that can hurt the joints:

In normal scenario, the hormones relaxing loosen the joints of woman during the time of pregnancy. Doing any sort of exercise that involves the rigorous movements causes a bump to joints that can be harmful. Avoid taking up any form of martial exercises that can make the bound or at heights.

Don’t try new exercises:

If women have never exercised before to the pregnancy, never try anything demanding after beginning, as it can badly affect the health as well as that of the baby. Start with gentle exercises like walking or aqua workouts that helps to burn calories and is light on the joints too.

Exercises – Avoid during Pregnancy

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