How to apply Henna for Grey Hair

How to apply Henna for Grey Hair

Grey hair can be a cause of concern for anyone but with a range of homemade tips available for beautifying the same, you need not worry much. Besides a range of artificial hair care products in the market, some natural products as henna can also be used on the grey hair. Read about How to apply Henna for Grey Hair

The biggest advantage of using henna is that being a natural product, no side effects of same are observed. However, applying henna can be a tough task, especially if you are newbie in using the same.

How to apply Henna for Grey Hair

Follow the tips listed below and applying henna will be virtually a child’s play.

Boil black tea leaves in water

Black tea leaves can be boiled in water in which henna is to be mixed. Remember the fact that the quantity of water should be in a proportion equal to the henna to be mixed for applying to the hair. If applying henna during winter months, some cloves can be added to the mixture as this keeps the head warm.

Add the henna to the Boiling water

Henna can be added to the boiling water when the same has been reduced to half of its original level. The henna is to be stirred consistently until a thick paste-like consistency is achieved. The Thicker the paste gets, the better will be henna when applied to the hair. You can add some premixed coffee powder to the mixture if you intend to have a brown shade.

Use Iron container for better results

If you are looking for having dark black shade, the henna paste can be prepared in an iron container. Better results will emerge if the paste has stored overnight in the container. Those looking for normal reddish or burgundy colour should store the henna mixture in aluminium or plastic container overnight.

Applying henna to hair

The henna paste when ready for applying to hair can be done through a brush. Henna should be applied evenly on the hair roots so that the effect percolates to a deeper level. Self-application of henna paste can be done, but better results will emerge if you take help from someone for application of the henna paste. In ideal conditions, henna should be left for a period of 1-2 hours. If you are looking for better results, the henna paste should be left overnight. Those in a hurry can use hair dryer to dry off the henna and proceed with their normal work course.

Sleeping with henna paste applied on the head can be a difficult task but you can wrap the hair in a plastic cap and leave the paste overnight. When washing off the henna paste, apply oil on your hand as this helps the henna is getting off with ease.

Henna is a natural cleanser and will bring vitality to the hair if applied on a regular basis. You can ideally use henna paste once a month to bring life to your hair.

The above are the details How to apply Henna for Grey Hair

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