Best Natural Home Remedies of Lupus

home remedies of lupus

Lupus is the chronic autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system hits its own connective tissue. This induces inflammation & harm to the skin & other organs and points to more & more diverse infections. Lupus is most often a disorder of women in their 30’s & 40’s. Genetic or hereditary factors play a key role. In an inclined person, environmental circumstances such as a potential viral infection, the effectiveness of certain drugs, exposure to UV rays, or bodily damage can evoke the origin of the disease. Continue to read some of the home remedies of lupus.

Typical sores of Lupus has sharply marked red, scaly patches beyond the nose, cheeks, & outer ear channels. Other small red, scaly patches can also be observed on sun-exposed places, such as the legs, arms, scalp, & upper body. Frequently there are also noticeable blood vessels & large follicular changes in these patches. The injuries expand, become white & slightly sunken in the center, & heal with scarring & darkened or reduced pigmentation.

The rash is also prevalent during summer months, as it leads to flare up in reply to exposure of the sun. Other circumstances that can cause the rash serious cover local trauma, fatigue, menstruation, & illness. Persons with Lupus can too suffer from oral, nasal ulcers & permanent hair loss.

Different types of lupus:

Lupus Erythematosus:

It is the most general kind & affects various parts of the body.

Discoid lupus erythematosus :

It causes the rash on the skin that is painful and difficult to cure.

Subacute Cutaneous Lupus:

It causes bruises on body parts that has revealed to sunlight.

Lupus Secondary:

It has created by some medications.

Neonatal Lupus :

It hits newborn babies & is a rare and unique type of lupus.

Symptoms of Lupus:

Symptoms differ from one patient to another, the most general type of symptoms is

  • Pain or inflammation of the muscles and joints,
  • specific skin marks like “butterfly” in the face,
  • high temperature,
  • red-coloured rash (most of them cause in the face),
  • chest pain,
  • loss hair permanently, sun sensitivity, pale fingers,
  • Swelling in the legs,
  • Swelling around the eyes,
  • Mouth sores, & fatigue.
  • A laboratory level, the consequences can show anemia & / or depressive syndrome.

 home remedies of lupusIt can tough to get the diagnosis & can take along time as there is no particular test to ascertain it. To rule out or verify the disease expert should examine, among others, blood tests, medical history, a biopsy of the skin & kidneys.

Lupus can not cure with medication, but can support the patient & aid to developing the normal life. Medications utilized comprise: anti-inflammatory to reduce pain in muscles & joints, corticosteroids, & immunosuppressants that regulate the complexities of the disease, antimalarials to heal skin injuries & pericardium signs & immunomodulatory therapies that control the immune system.

Some of the Home Remedies For Lupus:

Herbs of Anti-inflammatory that can aid to soothe the inflammation of lupus comprises the following:

Extract of Pine bark :

To get rid of Lupus consume fifty milligrams twice per day

Grapeseed extract:

To get rid of Lupus consume 50 milligrams twice per day


Take 300 milligrams three times per day.

Reishi mushroom extract :

This juice improves immune function. Take one gram (1,000 milligrams) three times per day.

Avoid the herb echinacea:

It promotes the immune system, & should not use in an autoimmune disorder like lupus.

Dietary remedy for Lupus

A low-fat diet, low-calorie, with just limited quantities of beef & dairy products that are very high in saturated fat, has suggested.

Eat plenty of green raw & boiled vegetables, fish, & chicken. Consuming oily fish such as salmon or sardines collected in sardine oil 3 times per week benefits to combat inflammation & heal the skin signs of lupus.

Drink plenty of water:

Take 8 glasses of purified water every day.

Avoid food sensitivities

Watch for any food sensitivities that can be depressing the condition, and reduce those foods from your diet. Sensitivities to wheat & chocolate have frequently involved in causing the flare-ups.

Avoid alfalfa supplements:

Avoid taking alfalfa, alfalfa sprouts, & alfalfa seeds. These foods include an immune-stimulating composite, L-canavanine, & also intervene with protein metabolism.

Studies at the Oregon Health Sciences University first showed that monkeys consuming alfalfa or alfalfa sprouts became sick with lupus-like the disease within 6 months, the consequences of which were partly reversible with the exclusion of alfalfa products from your diet. L-canavanine fed immediately to monkeys plus caused lupus-like signs. These related results have seen in individuals who consume large amounts of alfalfa products.

Avoid foods nightshade family:

Avoid plants in the family of nightshade, containing eggplant, tomatoes, & peppers. These can further make the signs of lupus worse.

Eliminate fatty foods:

Exclude from the diet animal fats and oils rich in omega-6 oils, like corn, safflower, & sunflower oils. These support inflammation.

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