Get Beautiful Hair With Alfalfa


Alfalfa is a treasure house with vitamins, mineral and essential nutrition for hair. It improves hair growth and prevents hair loss, baldness and other hair related problems. Read about Get Beautiful Hair With Alfalfa

Alfalfa is also known to have many benefits for the skin, for instance, it prevents drying of the skin and works as a cleanser from deep within your skin. Alfalfa also aids digestion and effectively detoxifies and cleanses the body. The seeds also have been proven to fight against UTIs, heart diseases, bleeding gums. Alfalfa cures nose bleeding, improves clotting time of blood and cures anaemia.

Treat Your Tresses With Alfalfa

But, alfalfa holds a special place when it comes to fighting hair loss. What is so exclusive about this tiny seed that makes it so powerful against hair loss? Read on to know the secret behind the alfalfa hair rescue!

1. Rich in Protein

Alfalfa is packed with protein that helps hair growth. The grains, seeds and sprouts of alfalfa help you get healthy hair. Protein being the base of hair cells, alfalfa provides the necessary amount of [protein to give you healthy and shining hair.

2. Vitamin

Alfalfa contains rich amounts of B1, B6, C vitamins that are beneficial for hair. Vitamins B1 and B6 are vital for hair growth. Vitamin C brings about better blood circulation to the scalp and causes antioxidant effects on the hair follicle level thus improving hair growth. The Vitamin E in alfalfa increases the intake of oxygen in the scalp, thus in turn improving hair growth.

3. Essential minerals

Alfalfa contains calcium, zinc and iron – the building blocks of hair. These mineral keep your hair and scalp healthy, make hair stronger and prevent breakage. Zinc has been identified as one of the core minerals for healthy hair growth.
Get Beautiful Hair With Alfalfa4. Silica

Silica is a well known element that slows down hair loss and baldness especially in men. Alfalfa is rich in silica that helps and sometimes prevents hair loss and male pattern baldness.

How to consume alfalfa?

There are multiple ways in which alfalfa can be introduced into your diet. You can also make a paste of alfalfa or use alfalfa powder as a hair mask for better hair growth. But, the benefits of alfalfa are many and are best realised when eaten every day. Alfalfa can be consumed in the form of salads, sandwiches or even as a snack.

That said, alfalfa sprouts are even more nutritious to consume. But, who knows how old those alfalfa sprouts in the supermarket refrigerator are! Any raw food is most nutritious when fresh. Hence, it is best if you have alfalfa sprouts sprouted at home. Here we list out the method to make alfalfa sprouts:

1. Take alfalfa seeds, wash them thoroughly and soak them overnight in rook temperature water.

2. The next day, drain the water (use the water in cooking or for a final rinse of your hair after shampoo)

3. Tie the soaked seeds in a cheese cloth and hang it up on a hook to sprout.

If you just not into consuming alfalfa, you can also hair products that contain alfalfa.

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