Top ten amazing health benefits of Lemon

health benefits of Lemon

Health benefits of lemons are many, commonly called as nimbu in India, have been discovered and discussed ages ago across the world.Egyptians used them as natural healer, the ancient Greeks used them as disinfectant as the Romans used them to cure various elements. Today, though people use them only as seasoning ingredient to add extra flavour & twist to different recipes. Here is how lemons actually make the recipes healthy and nutritious. Continue reading health benefits of Lemon.

Health benefits of Lemon

Aids digestion:

Lemon is highly acidic in nature, helping in the process of digestion. The pectin content in a lemon ensures the digestive system is loaded with complex carbohydrates. It inspires stronger intestinal muscles movement, accelerating the process of digestion.

Improves immunity

 Lemon or nimbu — Ten reasons to add this superfood to the dietLemon helps in enhancing Immune system due to the presence of vitamins & antioxidants like vitamin C. It also contains the quercetin, a bioflavonoid that has anti-allergic effect. The compound also helps to prevent inflammation by acting as natural antihistamine. Some of bioflavonoids present in lemon also posses anti-viral properties, helping to keep common infections at bay.

Fastens wound healing:

Vitamin C in lemon helps in production of collagen, helping wound and fractures to heal faster. It also promotes the regeneration of tissues of the bone , cartilage and connective tissue.

Keeps the teeth healthy:

Just rubbing lemon wedge on the skin can help to whiten it. You could also mix lemon juice with a baking soda and apply it on the teeth using an ear bud to achieve instant whiteness. However, do not leave the mixture for more than minute or else it will cause more harm than good. Lemons also help in incorporation of calcium in teeth, making them strong and healthy.

Uplifts the mood:

The odour and the aroma of lemon can help uplift the mood. If you have had hard day at work, and can not seem to find the motivation for anything, smell lemon to feel better.

Helps to lose weight:

A lemon can be the friend if you are looking to lose weight. It has pectin, which is soluble fibre that can help to feel fuller and eat less. Just drink cup of hot tea with lemon in it, and you will notice how it can make you eat less.

Improves kidney and lemon function:

When you eat lemon, the sour taste helps signal the nerves and hormones to activate the liver and kidneys. Also, lemon is natural diuretic which helps the kidney in excreting excess fluid and helps to detoxify.

Helps treat acne:

You does not even have to work hard to prepare this home remedy for acne. Simply rubbing lemon wedge over the face and washing it after 10 minutes can help to cure acne.

Keeps the eyes healthy:

Quercetin in lemon is known to regress the activity of aldosereductase, an enzyme that promotes production of sorbitol that helps to prevent cataract formation.

Improves heart health:

The vitamin C rich stores of lemon helps to conversion of cholesterol into bile in the liver, thereby reducing the blood levels of cholesterol, a key risk factor of development of heart disease.
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