Ten low-calorie, high-protein foods you should try

Ten low-calorie, high-protein foods you should try

Hungry but do not know what to have to satiate your longings? Well, here are ten high protein meals, prescribed by one of the specialist nutritionists, to keep you satisfied without having to worry about those calories. All of these foods has 350 to 400 calories. Ten low-calorie, high-protein foods

Have a bowl of fish curry about 250 gm with a bowl of brown rice to fill the stomach. Do not forget to incorporate a plate of salad to complete the meal. In extension to proteins, one can reap the gains of fibre & omega-3 fatty acids.

To calm down your longings, nothing can be more appetizing & filling than eating the bowl of smoked salmon with the spinach curry! It also provides you with vitamins like A, E & K. Read on high-protein foods

Planning to spice up the evening snacks then a plate of the chicken or paneer kebab with green chutney is what you want. When coupled with the fresh vegetables & healthy spices, it makes the perfect meal.

Ten low-calorie, high-protein foods you should tryYou can snack on the plate of poached meat balls to fulfil your regular intake of proteins. If you still feel a hungry, then eating a bowl of soup is enough to fill you up.

Want to include in a healthy but protein-rich snacks? One can eat the plate of steamed chicken or mutton momos with the garlic chutney for a tasty feast. One can moreover improve the nutritive value by combining fresh vegetables for filling. Know more Zika virus:

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If you want to eat light for dinner, then you can choose for a plate sushi with the bowl of soup. It not only holds you full till the next morning but also stops you from late-night desires. And the best bit is, it contain very fewer oil & spices.

To make the weekend a unique one, One can have roasted chicken with the bowl of brown rice & a bowl of sautéed vegetable to meet your daily protein requirement. It also takes care of the dietary necessity of fibre.

If sandwiches are what you assert by, you would love to taste a chicken sandwich. All you require is 100 gm of boiled chicken, and 20 gm of cheese & some fresh vegetables to prepare it. It also has vitamin B5, calcium, & magnesium.

How about starting the day with eggs & toast? To meet the prescribed dietary allowance of protein, yourself have to eat two hard boiled eggs, two brown bread toasts & a cup of the skimmed milk. Further, it is also packed with several nutrients like calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins A, B and D, & phosphorous.

If you intend to beget the light breakfast, one can try eggs with the spinach. Have two scrambled eggs with the spinach & balance your breakfast with two brown bread toasts to kick-start the day with a bang. Eggs, when linked with spinach give you choline, a nutrient needed for brain development & iron.

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