Best 5 natural ways to soothe tired eyes

natural ways to soothe tired eyes

Best 5 natural ways to soothe tired eyes

Everyone knows that working on the computers or watching TV for long hours strains the eyes. Before your eyes start itching or turn red or watering, here are five quick natural ways to soothe tired eyes.

Cold milk:

Place the cotton ball that is soaked in cold milk on the eyes for a few minutes. The cold milk not only shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes but also get rid of puffiness caused due to stress or exhaustion.


Potato is known to be the natural bleaching agent; not many people know that they exercise a cooling effect on the eyes. Refrigerate the few potato slices for about ten minutes & place them on the eyes to get rid of watery eyes or to burn.

natural ways to soothe tired eyesTea-bags:

Rather of throwing the used tea bags, refrigerate them. And when you feel that the eyes have distorted, place them on the eyes. It not only moistens the eyes but also cools them off in addition to working well with the puffy eyes & dark circles.

Rose water:

Rose water is a natural coolant, rose water the most approved and efficient natural remedy to deal with constrained eyes. It works by reinvigorating the eyes and reducing the irritation as well. Just dip the cotton ball in rose water & use it on the eyes.


Usually used at salons, the cooling effect of the cucumber copulated with its astringent qualities assist in soothing the eyes. All you require to do is cut few pieces of cucumber & place in the eyes for about a few minutes.

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