Heal Your Skin With Potato

Heal Your Skin With Potato

Heal Your Skin With Potato

Potato is an affordable vegetable, but cosmetics isn’t these days. So, why not try using the potato for skin care? Well, any natural ingredient does not harm the skin and on the top of it, works more efficiently.

Include it in the diet & also use potato for the skin as it can treat many skin issues. It is also good for the hair.

Potato can lighten the skin, and also cure under eye skin. It contains Vitamins B and C along with the starch. Skin experts say that the starch comfortable can soothe the skin damage.

In this post,  Heal Your Skin With Potato & let us discuss how to use potato for skin care.

Heal Your Skin With PotatoNatural Bleach

If you wish to lighten the skin, mix some lemon juice with two teaspoons of potato pulp and apply it to the face to wash after 10 minutes. It works like bleach.

To Prevent Wrinkles

Mix yogurt with the mashed potato. Apply this as a mask & wash it after 15 minutes. It can prevent ageing signs on your skin.

For Healthy Skin

Mix Multani mitti & lemon juice to two teaspoons of potato juice. Apply it to the face like a mask & wash it after 15 minutes. Your skin will look refreshed.

For Dark Circles

Crush a potato into the paste. Take the teaspoon of it aside and mix a spoon of honey in it. Smear this carefully on the skin around the eyes and remove after 10 minutes. You can reduce dark circles with this remedy.

For Skin Spots.

To get rid of spots on your skin, smear the mashed potato on the affected area and wash it after 15 minutes. Work this for 25 days to see the results.

As A Toner.

If you are looking for a natural toner, then this idea can help you. Mix a teaspoon of cucumber juice with the spoon of potato paste & use it as a toner for the skin.

For Shiny Hair.

Boil potato peels for the few minutes and uses that water to wash your hair. It can make your hair look healthy.

For Sun Burn.

Yes, the potato can heal the skin. It can soothe the sunburn too. Slice a potato and just spread it over the modified area for a few minutes. Rinse it after some time. Do this for the few days to get some relief.

Potato is an affordable vegetable but cosmetics aren’t these days. So, why not try using potato for skin care? Try this potato remedy to Heal Your Skin With Potato.

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