Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are frequently advised to have good amount of calcium in various forms to support the growth of bones, teeth and muscles of the baby. Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

However if you caccott take milk due to some reason, then curd is second best option for you. But the question that occurs to most of the pregnant women is, is eating yoghurt safe during pregnancy? There are many health benefits of curd during pregnancy that we will share with you today.

Curd is rich in calcium and easy to digest. It will provide you sufficient calcium and proteins as well during pregnancy to support the proper growth of your baby. If the body does not get sufficient calcium during pregnancy, it will start taking calcium from your bones for fulfilling the requirements of your growing baby. Moreover, curd contains enough good bacteria that will help you to fight with the harmful bacteria. Eating curd during pregnancy helps to boost your immunity as well. You must have curd during your pregnancy for the following benefits. Take a look at Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy.

Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

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Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Cools Down

The Body You can have curd along with the spicy foods to cool down your body. During pregnancy you have a craving for spicy foods that can cause acidity and heart burn. So, combining your choice of spicy foods with curd is a good idea.

Best Source Of Calcium

The calcium present in curd is necessary for the growth of bones, muscles and teeth of your foetus. It will also prevent your bones from losing calcium during pregnancy. This is among the best health benefits of yoghurt.

Prevents High Blood Pressure

The health benefits of curd during pregnancy are many and one of them is the control of blood pressure. During pregnancy there is a risk of high blood pressure, and having curd will prevent this. Curd is also good for your heart and decreases the cholesterol level.

Boosts Immunity

The good bacteria present in curd helps fight harmful bacteria causing infections. Curd helps to strengthen your immunity as it increases the population of probiotics that helps in the absorption of nutrients from the digestive track.

Prevents Stress

And Anxiety Stress and anxiety are common during pregnancy. Curd helps to relieve stress during pregnancy as it calms down the emotion centre in brain that becomes overactive during pregnancy.

Prevents Pigmentation

And Dry Skin Pigmentation and dry skin are also few common problem during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. Having curd in pregnancy keeps your skin healthy and prevents pigmentation. Curd is rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin.

Weight Control

In pregnancy weight gain is a healthy sign. However, excessive weight gain is not considered good. Curd prevents increase in the levels of a hormone cortisol in your body that can cause hormonal imbalance and weight gain. Having curd in pregnancy is advised by doctors to prevent excessive weight gain.

Development Of Muscles

Curd is rich in proteins and helps in the development of muscles in your baby. Having curd during pregnancy will make your baby healthy and plump. This is among the best uses of curd during pregnancy.

The above are the Benefits Of Yoghurt During Pregnancy

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