Some Bad Habits Are Good For Health

Some Bad Habits Are Good For Health

Habits are part of the human personality. People have both mixed, bad as well as good habits. Habits are addictive and are difficult to quit. Your habits somehow decide your nature and health as well. To Avoid Some habits may destroy your health such as habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy eating so on and so forth. Bad habits can either have a overwhelming or healthy effect on your health, depending on what kind of habits you have.

For Some people try to quit their bad habits and they eventually succeed. Whereas some go on with these habits and never try to quit them. As a result they fall victims of various kind of diseases. However, there are some bad habits that proves to be actually healthy for your body. According to a new research these bad habits prove to improve your heath in some or the other way. Following are some of the bad habits that prove to be good for your health. Below mentioned are few of the Some Bad Habits Are Good For Health

Eating Chocolate

Treating in eating dark chocolates prevent the risk of heart diseases. They are rich in the antioxidants and flavonoids which make the blood vessels supple and thereby lower the high blood pressure. Always eat dark chocolates as any other variety of chocolate will not be beneficial for your health.

Waking Up

Late A new research has shown people who wake up after listening to the alarm are unhealthy as compared to people who wake up by their own in morning. Waking up by the help of alarm damages digestion, makes you to indulge in unhealthy eating and lowers the metabolism too.


No doubt stress is main culprit behind all health issues. However, a research has shown that low level of stress experienced for the short period of time may enhance the blood circulation, increases your energy and awareness. Moderate stress prepares your body to fight with the diseases and boosts immunity. It is well said that problems and difficulties make you stronger.

Eating Candy

Normally there are many health concerns related to high sugary treats such as candies due to the risk of diabetes and other issues. However, a new research has shown that completely cutting down sugary foods make you to crave more for them. Indulging in habit of having candy treats or desserts twice a week is good for your health. It prevents you from inflammation and you will have smaller

Negative Thinking

A research has shown that expressing some negative thoughts is much better than completely suppressing them. It has been seen in a study that people who express both negative and positive emotion are in good mental health as compared to people who suppress negative thoughts.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum improves the mental concentration and also helps you to complete your hard goals without worrying about it. It also helps to keep your attention away from stress and alleviates nervousness. This is one of the bad habits that is good for health.


Suppressing your burp can lead to heart burn and acidity. It is a natural process which you should not suppress. You must avoid carbonated drinks and eat your food slowly to avoid burping. This is among the healthy bad habits.

Skipping A Shower

Having shower daily is good for your hygiene, however when sometimes you feel too lazy to go for a shower, it is actually good for you skin. Taking shower daily and usage of harsh soaps may deprive your skin from natural oils. These oils keep your skin soft and healthy.


Moderate and limited consumption of beer is healthy for you. It helps to build muscles and prevents from heart diseases. It also removes toxins from your system and aids in digestion.

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