Benefits of blackstrap molasses hair

blackstrap molasses hair

Hair woes, Goodbye!

Blackstrap Molasses hasn’t been given the attention it deserves, but in recent times, it has found it’s way to being effective for hair growth. Blackstrap Molasses is basically the dark viscous liquid that has been extracted once sugarcane has been boiled for the third time. Regular cane sugar doesn’t have the minerals and vitamins as does blackstrap molasses. These include copper, iron, calcium, potassium benefits¬†and magnesium all required for healthy hair growth. Below described regarding¬†Benefits of blackstrap molasses hair.

Say Goodbye to Gray?

The underlying question has always been, Can blackstrap molasses reverse gray hair? If success stories are to believed, then the answer would be yes, however, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. The high levels of copper help in re-pigmentation and darkening of hair caused by the stimulation of melanin production. For thicker, darker, softer, smoother hair, blackstrap molasses is the way to go. Real results are seen roughly between 3 to 6 months after use.

blackstrap molasses hairWhat’s the Difference Between Molasses and Blackstrap Molasses?

Regular molasses are produced after the first or second boiling of cane sugar syrup, whereas blackstrap is produced after the third boiling. This means that the third boiling results in a 5% increase in the content of Iron.

How does it work really?

Two main reasons why blackstrap stands out. The first being that the minerals found in it such as selenium, zinc, and manganese are essential antioxidants, which are known for their anti-aging benefits. The second being that it’s rich in copper. Although one would think that copper is toxic that applies only when it’s consumed in high quantities. In moderation though, it performs several important functions in the body. The most important being in the production of melanin.

How to use the molasses.

The simplest way to use the molasses would be to take it as a health supplement. Mixing about one or two tablespoons of the blackstrap molasses into a cup of boiling water is the normal way of consumption. For effects to be really noticed, it would take months of regular consumption before the color restoration and regrowth begin to manifest.

Another way that blackstrap molasses can be used is as a shampoo. Although this isn’t particularly appealing, it does have its benefits. Applying blackstrap which is slightly diluted to your scalp for about 15 minutes does the trick in nourishing hair follicles.

Benefits of blackstrap molasses hair

Blackstrap is definitely a health food, there’s no denying that. It improves complexion and the texture of hair. One tablespoon per day, every morning is the recommended dose of this health supplement. Patience is the key and there isn’t such a thing as overnight results. Now blackstrap isn’t going to dye your grey hair, that’s a myth. What it will do, though, is to cause the grey hair to fall out before it’s replaced by newer strands. Receding Hairline? Have no fear, blackstrap is here. It stimulates hair growth and replaces gray strands, looks like a win-win.

Unsulphured blackstrap molasses for gray hair reversal is the safest bet. Though there haven’t been studies depicting the benefits of unsulphured blackstrap molasses over the others, there are a couple of health risks that come tied to the consumption of high doses of sulfur. A sulfite allergy is one of them. This health food is to be used in moderation to see long-lasting effects.

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