7 tips how to keep chapped lips in good shape

7 tips how to keep chapped lips in good shape

Winter can be the worst time for one’s lips as they get cracked up and one finds this condition very uncomfortable. The chapped lips need to be moist and soft and one can be able to use a lipstick without pain and discomfort. Sometimes chapped lips can bleed also.

How to avoid chapped lips?

1. Moisturize your lips:

One can apply a lip moisturizer to prevent chapping of lips. It is better to keep the balm tube in one’s purse at all times and apply whenever required or every hour.

It is better to choose lip balms with an SPF 15 rating or even higher in a case on happens to be outside. UV rays can actually damage one’s lips and make the chapping worse.

Go in for lip products that happen to be free of fragrances as well as dyes. These chemicals may actually irritate one’s lips even further or even cause cheilosis, an inflammation of one’s lips or the corners of the mouth. Looking for a natural lip balm that contains petroleum jelly or even beeswax and does not contain any colors or even artificial flavors. This balm will be useful in curing chapped lips.

2 .Drinking plenty of water

Dehydration often causes the lips to chap so it is advisable to drink plenty of water. One must try to stay hydrated. The lips will remain moist and will not get chapped. One must drink about 8-ounce glasses of water every day. One can also have decaffeinated tea as well as juice for the required fluid intake.

7 tips how to keep chapped lips in good shape3. Avoid salty, chilly and hot foods

Spicy, hot, or salty foods can be irritants as far as one’s lips are concerned and can chap them also. Once the chapped lips are alright one can have these foods.

4. Avoid biting lips or licking them

Licking and biting can irritate the lips and make the chapping worse. Apply more balm if you are licking or biting the lips. Or even one can apply petroleum jelly to avoid chapped lips.

5. Better to stay inside on cold, dry days when possible

It is better to avoid exposing one’s to the harsh winter outside and try to stay warm indoors as far as possible. It is necessary to make lifestyle adjustments in order to avoid chapping of lips. You may need to make some lifestyle adjustments to make this work.

6. Wear something over your face

One can cover one’s face while moving in the cold wintry environment which will prevent moisture loss as well as chapping. One can wrap a scarf around one’s face. The bottom part of the face can be covered thus protecting the lips from cold. Some winter coats have hoods that have face bottom covering flaps which can be put in one’s mouth while moving out.

7. Use of humidifier

Air within the one’s home can become very dry during winter, thus causing lip chapping. One can make use of a humidifier in one’s home to prevent this condition. The humidifier can be kept in one’s bedroom at night or on those extra cold days.

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