7 Healing Powers Of An Ice Cube

7 Healing Powers Of An Ice Cube

Are you interested in living healthy for the rest of life? If yes, here is one of the best methods you can try with ice to revitalize your body.

When an ice cube is placed on the neck it provides you with the long list of the health benefits, keeping away all those blues & making you live longer. To experiment with this health tip all you require is an ice cube & a few moments of the time.

There is a point at the base of neck known as the ‘Feng Fu’ pressure point. It is found at the base of the skull just below the bottom edge of the skull cap at the top of the neck.

If you frequently put ice on this Feng Fu pressure point the body will begin to rejuvenate. Performing this ice cube method on a regular basis you will soon be free from diseases and will find yourself healthy, cheerful, and full of energy. Have a look on 7 Healing Powers Of An Ice Cube

Do You Lack Sleep?

If you have not slept well in the last few weeks, this healthy secret would be beneficial for you. This method helps in getting better sleep.

Heals Your Mood

Have you been in a most horrible mood lately & can’t seem to get rid of it? Try the ice cube on the neck to get rid of that spiteful mood and replace it with the better one.

Tummy Helper!

The ice revitalizes one from within which is why it is also helpful in curative any sort of digestive problems. It is the best & quick natural healer.

Takes Away Your Cold

Alleviates colds with the help of the ice cube pressure point method. If you perform this simple method your cold will disappear in just a few days.

Puts An End To Pain

Headaches, toothaches & any sort of ache can be relived with the help of ice cube treatment. All you require to do is concentrate on an area and the pain to find its cure.

Its Heart Healthy

Everyone wants to have a healthy heart. To keep the heart in good shape & condition, try this simple ice cube method. Experts state it is the best treatment for the heart.

Helps With PMS!

Women would find relief in this treatment at the time of menses. The heat which is released at the pressure point helps to easiness the pain & mood swings during PMS.

7 Healing Powers Of An Ice CubeProcedure

Lie on the stomach and place an ice cube on the pressure point or the Feng Fu point. Hold it for 20 minutes. You can also fix the cube tied to a bandage, scarf or plastic wrap. Perform this healthy secret twice or thrice in a day preferably on an empty stomach in the morning.


After 30 to 40 seconds you will begin to feel the heat come onto the pressure point. You will also witness a state of euphoria.

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