8 Things To Do Before & After Dinner

Things to do before & after dinner

8 Things To Do Before & After Dinner

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Dinner is the evening meal or night meal. It is the last meal of the day. Some traditions give more importance to dinner whereas some traditions say that the breakfast is most important. Putting aside that feature, there are some healthy things to do before dinner.

Nowadays, eating food has become a dull task for us. But of course, we would love to eat junk food and be present at dinner parties as that would give us lots of fun & some thrill to taste buds.

What you eat is vital. More than that, how you eat & what you do post dinner is also very important for the health. Yes, there are some things to do before & after dinner.

As you be inclined to be at home when you have dinner, try to get rid of all disruptions before getting ready to eat. Switch off the TV & also put aside the mobile and laptop.

When you eat mindfully, your food gets digested easily. Also, when you choose the healthy & natural foods to eat, you can keep many disorders at bay. Also, do not try to go to bed the moment you finish the dinner. So, what to do after eating? Read on…

Warm Water

Drinking the cup of warm water at least 30 to 40 minutes prior to dinner helps a lot in the digestion. This practice also helps to prevent the overeating propensity. Also, drink another cup of warm water post dinner (after 30 to 40 minutes).

Maintain Gap

If you can maintain the gap of 2 hours between the dinner & sleep, it will help the digestive process. Spend the time finishing household chores.


Do not lie down for the sleep instantly after dinner. This might cause acid reflux and it also hampers the digestive process.

Brush Teeth

Make it the habit to brush the teeth before sleeping. This will help to maintain the oral health.


Some sources say that eating fruits after dinner is not a great idea for 2 reasons. Firstly, the sugar in them might obstruct with the sleep patterns & secondly, the body has to work harder to digest the fruits along with the regular meal.

Things to do before & after dinnerWalk

This is something to do after dinner. Taking the walk on the patio after dinner can be helpful. Walking helps to digestion and you can also prevent fat accretion during this activity.


Taking the bath soon after the meal is not good for digestive process. Maintain a gap of ½ an hour if showering is predictable.


Most of the smokers love to smoke soon after the dinner. This habit is dangerous for the digestive system and it might also cause heartburn.

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