Foods That Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke

Foods that prevent heart attack and stroke

Foods That Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke

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When the blood in blood vessels flows smoothly, there is the good supply of blood to the very important organs such as the brain & heart. Though, due to many reasons the blood flow to these organs gets limited.

The reasons for this limited blood flow are thickening of the blood, declaration of the bad cholesterol on the inner walls of the blood vessels and clot in blood vessel formed due to an internal bleeding or hemorrhages.

All these conditions pretence risk to the main organs such as heart & brain. Due to limited blood flow to the heart & brain, there are chances of the heart attack and brain cells might also also get damaged- this is called as the stroke. Heart attack & stroke are both emergency conditions and require immediate hospitalisation of the person.

There are less chances of continued existence if immediate medical care is not provided to the person and if the patient survives, chances are that there may be lasting disability in case of the stroke or paralysis.

There are some foods that can prevent you from the heart attack & stroke by making the blood thinner and growing the blood flow. Take a look at some foods that prevent heart attack and stroke.

Foods that prevent heart attack and strokeWhole Grains

They are rich in the vitamin E which decreases the risk of the blood clot formation and enhances the blood circulation. Therefore, preventing the risk of heart attack & stroke.

Grapes, Raisins And Prunes

They contain natural salicylates which is the blood thinning agent. So, you can enlarges blood flow to heart & brain as they thin blood. Aspirin which is the chemical blood thinning agent also contains salicylates. So in its place of having the blood thinning medicine, you can have grapes & raisins.

Olive Oil

It has blood thinning properties & is good for the heart and brain. It is rich in the antioxidants that clear toxins or unhealthy substances from the blood and contains omega 3 fatty acids that decrease inflammation.


It is rich in a variety of natural enzymes that prevent the blood clot formation and also dissolves them. Thus, the risk of heart attack & stroke will be abridged. It also helps to thin the blood and improves the blood circulation.


They enhance the blood circulation as they lessen inflammation and remove toxins or unhealthy substances from blood. You can frequently have berry juice to help to prevent stroke & heart attack. This is one of the best foods that are natural blood thinners.


You can have ginger tea to make the blood thinner and prevent clot formation. It is good for heart and brain as it enhances circulation. It also lessen the body inflammation and relaxes muscles.


It also softens the blood clots in the blood vessels that can limit the blood flow to heart & brain. It helps to thin blood and enhances the blood circulation. You can have garlic capsules or add garlic in the food.

Almonds And Walnuts

They lessen the cholesterol levels in blood and make the blood thinner. They also decrease the inflammation and they contain omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart and brain.

Foods Containing Vitamin E

These foods prevent the blood clot formation. They advance the circulation & prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke. These foods also prevent platelet aggregation. Seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds & peanuts etc, contain vitamin E.


It removes the cholesterol and plaque from the blood to make it thin. It enhances the blood circulation and has healing & anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents the blood clotting therefore protecting heart & brain.

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